Guide to NHL Betting

Guide to NHL Betting

NHL betting is one of the best types of sports betting from the bettor’s point of view.

Online sportsbooks tend to spend less time researching NHL hockey games because NHL betting is not nearly as popular as other types of sports betting. If you’re willing to do research and shop around for the best lines, NHL hockey betting can be a profitable activity.

Online NHL betting is a godsend for serious betting fans because the internet makes it easy to compare sportsbooks, shop around for lines and take advantage of special promotions. On this page, you’ll find a list of the best NHL betting sites and a basic overview of how online NHL betting works.

Online NHL Betting

If you’re interested in giving online NHL betting a try, the first step is to find a trustworthy sportsbook for your bets. There are hundreds of sportsbooks on the internet, but not all of them were created equal. The following sportsbooks are widely considered the best for online NHL betting:

The online sportsbooks listed on this page are the best places you can go for real money NHL betting. Most importantly, these NHL betting sites are all well known sportsbooks that have been online for years. The reputation and safety of each sportsbook has been verified by thousands of customers over the years.

Once you have an account at an online sportsbook, you can get started with real money by making a deposit. All you have to do is log in to your sports betting account and go to the cashier to make a deposit. There are a variety of deposit methods that you can use to fund your account.

One of the most popular deposit methods for online sports betting is the simple credit card. Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club are all commonly used by NHL betting fans to get started with real money. A couple of other deposit methods include e-wallets, bank transfers and cash transfers.

NHL Bets

NHL betting involves a couple different types of bets. Here are a few types of NHL bets that you are likely to find on the internet:

NHL Money Line

This is a type of bet in which the sportsbook alters the odds you are paid based on the skill of each team. If you want to place a wager on the stronger team, you will be required to risk more money on that team. If you want to place a wager on the weaker team, you stand to win more money if your team wins.

Here’s a sample NHL money line bet:

Boston Bruins +125

Vancouver Canucks -145

The Boston Bruins have been given money line odds of +125. The +125 means that you will win $125 for every $100 you wager on the Bruins. This team is seen as the underdog so the sportsbook is offering higher payouts for wagers on them.

The Vancouver Canucks have been given money line odds of -145 because they are the favorites to win this match. The -145 means that you will need to wager $145 for every $100 in potential winnings.

Puck Line

An NHL puck line bet is a type of bet in which the favored team has to win by a certain number of points for bets on that team to be considered wins. The most common puck line bet is for 1.5 goals.

This means that if you wager on the favored team, your team will have to win by two goals or more for your bet to be a winner. If you place a wager on the underdog, your team can lose the game by up to one goal and your bet will still be considered a winning bet.

Puck line bets also involve moneylines. The money line is usually listed in parenthesis and it describes how much money you stand to win based on the amount of risk you take. See the “money line” section above for more information.

NHL Over Under

This type of NHL betting is also called “totals” betting. An NHL over-under bet is a wager on how many goals will be scored in an upcoming game. The sportsbook chooses a number of goals and then you can wager whether the total combined score will be more than that amount or less than that amount.

NHL betting sites often use half-points when setting the total. For example, a common number is 5.5 goals. This is done to avoid the game ending on the exact total set by the sportsbook.

NHL Futures

NHL futures are wagers on more long-term events. For example, a common NHL futures bet is a wager on which team will win the next Stanley Cup. These bets take a long time to resolve but they are popular because they offer high payouts.

NHL Props

NHL props are also sometimes called “NHL proposition” bets. These bets involve things other than which hockey team will win the match. Common NHL props include wagers on which team will score first, what the score will be during a certain period and how well certain players will play.

NHL props can cover just about any subject under the sun. During the playoffs and Stanley Cup, you are likely to see all sorts of prop bets. Some of these bets can be quite outlandish at times.

Grand Salami

The NHL Grand Salami is a unique bet that will have you glued to the TV all day long. This is basically an over-under bet that applies to every game during a full day of hockey. In a Grand Salami bet, the sportsbook chooses a total number of goals that will be scored by all teams in all games during that day.

As the bettor, your job is to pick whether the total number of goals actually scored that day will be more than or less than the total picked by the sportsbook.

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