Free Play Bonus

Feel free to enjoy the casino with free play bonuses before making a commitment to sign up.

Name Bonus  
888 Casino Exclusive 25
Playamo Casino Exclusive 150
Vulkan Vegas Casino Exclusive 125
Unibet Casino Exclusive 100
PowerPlay Casino Exclusive 100
20BET Casino Exclusive 120
Wild Tornado Casino Exclusive 100
Casino4u Exclusive 100
Casitsu Casino Exclusive 25
1xBit Casino Exclusive 40

Trying out a new casino is a breeze with free play bonus for those who are not ready to commit but is curious about playing. Without having to make deposits yet, free play bonuses are given the instance you sign up for a limited period of an hour or 30 minutes. After playing, you may get your winnings but the casino will normally require you to be a full pledged member first by paying the minimum deposit. If for any reason you are not interested, you are not obliged to continue.

Online casinos like to issue various types of bonuses for their players to keep new customers coming in and have old ones sticking around. A free play bonus, although not as common, is definitely in this group of promotional offers, giving players a nice bankroll boost and some entertainment value along the way. Canadian players have access to a nice range of free play bonuses across a number of online casinos.

In a nutshell, a free play bonus is quite similar to free cash but there are some essential differences. Exact details differ from one casino to another and these are usually explained in the terms and conditions or the email following the bonus offer. Be that as it may, this text explains some of the most important free play bonus highlights in general so that you know what you might expect from such an offer.

Time Limited Free Play Bonus

Quite often, a free play bonus is issued with a time limit. For example, you could receive $200 to play with for an hour. Once that hour expires, whatever you win is transferred to your bonus account, although exact details will, once again, depend on particular conditions applied to the offer.

These time-limited free play offers are quite entertaining as you know that you only have a (short) window of time to make most out of money at your disposal. In these scenarios, there isn’t much room for calculation as there is hardly any point in playing at low stakes and preserving the bankroll. You want to go big or go home as once your time expires, the free play cash is gone.

So, essentially, you want to make as many spins as possible at the highest allowed stake. Although this can often lead to a quick bust, it is the best way to actually go over the starting amount and have some money left over once that clock hits zero.

Free Play as a Part of No Deposit Bonuses

Many casinos like to issue these free play bonuses as a welcome gift for their new players, especially players from Canada. In fact, these offers can be quite generous at times as players are given up to €500 to play with for 30 or 60 minutes. Although this sounds very exciting at a first glance, the reality of these bonuses isn’t as good as it appears.

They’re still nice, especially if you get them with no deposit required, but the marketing may make them look better than they are.

The trick is, as always, to look at the fine print. Although you might be given €500 to play with, once the time elapses, you might be only allowed to keep up to €100 in winnings. Everything else, regardless of how big or small the rest may be, is removed. So, it is definitely a nice boost still, but not as big as you might expect when you see you have €500 to play with for an hour.

It is also worth noting that with free play bonuses that are issued as a part of no deposit packages, players are usually required to make a deposit before they can access their bonus funds. In this case, this becomes more like a decent-sized deposit bonus although it is marketed as a no deposit bonus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these offers, of course, and they can be valuable, but you do need to know what you’re getting into to avoid surprises.

Free Play Bonuses & Wagering

All casino bonuses come with some sort of wagering requirements attached to them. Free play bonuses are no exception to this rule even if they’re structured somewhat differently. As with all offers, it is important to understand how these work and how they are calculated.

So, you might get a free play bonus worth €200. At the end of play, you have €360 and €160 (winnings) is transferred to your bonus account. Standard wagering requirements, whatever they may be on a particular casino, will then be applied to this amount (€160).

So, it there is 30x wagering in place, you’ll need to place a total of €160x30 = €4,800 worth of bets before you’re allowed to cash out any winnings.

Other Restrictions to Keep in Mind

Like with wagering, there are other restrictions that can apply to a free play bonus and Canadian players should always get informed about these before they start. Breaking any bonus terms is never a good idea and can lead to funds being confiscated, which is the last thing anyone wants to happen. So, taking some time to get yourself familiarized with terms in place is definitely a must.

Some restrictions that may be in place include:

  • The maximum bet size (usually between €2 and €5)
  • Restricted games (often, table games and video poker aren’t allowed)
  • Bonus expiration

As with most bonuses, you probably won’t be allowed to just go and have a few €20 spins and see if you get lucky. There are various reasons why casinos don’t allow this, which we won’t go into detail about right now, but it is something to keep in mind. Going over the maximum bet will effectively break bonus terms, meaning the casino can confiscate all funds and be fully within their right.

When it comes to game restrictions, this really varies from one casino to another. Your best bet is to go through those bonus terms and see what is written there. There is usually a special section explaining what games are allowed and what are not – and under which circumstances. Of course, if you can’t find answers to these questions, you can always reach out to customer support.

Finally, there is the issue of bonus expiration date. This has nothing to do with the time limit imposed on the free play. Rather, once money is transferred to your account, it won’t stay there forever. Sometimes, you’ll have just 24 hours to try and meet wagering, which is short but if you don’t do it within the time frame, money will be simply removed from your account. Luckily, most casinos are more reasonable, so you’ll often have around one week before bonus funds expire.

Advantages of Free Play Bonuses

One great thing about free play bonuses, especially when they’re given out with no deposit required, is that players really get to test the casino in real money mode without any risk. If you have a few hundred to play with for an hour, you can check out quite a few games and see how the site feels for you in general.

These are much better to get you started than small cash bonuses that give you something like €10 or a couple dozen free spins. For one full hour (or whatever the time restriction may be), you get to play as much as you like and really test the waters. This is something you can hardly do with a small amount that’s usually given out as a usual no deposit bonus.

When a deposit is required to actually release your bonus funds, you have a chance to make up your mind. Once you’re done playing, you’ll know how much you stand to get and you can decide if it is worth your time and money or not. For example, if you need to deposit just €10 to release €100, it is probably well worth it. On the other hand, if your free play ends with just €5 in profit then you’re better off moving on and trying your luck with another casino.

A free play bonus is definitely an interesting concept and it is a shame there aren’t more Canadian online casinos with these types of offers. It might be exactly because they know it gives players more control over their actions and allows them to go for the maximum value.

All in all, finding a good free play bonus is definitely worth a try. It doesn’t cost you anything and if you do end up with the maximum win, you can then proceed to make the minimum qualifying deposit. This should provide you with a lot of playing time and some nice winning opportunities, even if wagering tends to be quite big on big wins. It is still worth it, especially if you primarily play for fun.

Free Play Bonus Downsides

Although free play bonuses are, in general, a good thing, they do come with certain shortcomings. The most obvious one is that the player never gets to keep any of the initial funds. Unlike with most other types of casino bonuses where you can get at least a part of the bonus cash, this isn’t the case with free play.

This money is meant for play only, so you can always only keep winnings above the initial bonus. The rest of it is removed as soon as allotted time elapses and you’re left only with the winnings’ portion of the whole thing.

Another downside of these free play bonuses is the obvious time constraint. The moment you take the bonus, the timer will start ticking down. You can’t pause it or stop it, so you’ll have to play the entire bonus out in one go. If anything unexpected happens and you have to stop playing, you won’t be able to go back to it at a later point.

This can be a bit inconvenient as it requires a bit of planning ahead. You need to free your schedule and make sure you’ll have enough time to complete the bonus, otherwise you could be missing out on some value.

Free Play Bonus Strategy

Like with most things related to slots, the most important thing you need to make some money is luck and there isn’t, as of yet, any proven strategy to change your luck by force. However, when it comes to free play bonuses specifically, there are actually some strategic considerations stemming from their particular and unusual structure.

So, the first thing to keep in mind is the time limit. As discussed in the previous section, you need to make sure you’ll have enough time to play for the entire duration of the bonus. You may not need it, but you want to leave enough time just in case.

The next very important factor is the maximum win from the bonus. If you can only keep around €100 in your balance once the initial free play bonus expires, there isn’t much point in trying to build a huge balance. So, your strategy at the start should be to play loose and go for the big bets. Once you hit over the maximum win target, however, there is really no reason to continue playing as there is nothing to win but there is plenty to lose.

So, once your total balance includes the maximum win amount, you can simply stop playing and let the time elapse. Alternatively, you can drop to really low stake and have a bit of fun. However, there is really no further point in trying to force the issue as there is absolutely nothing to gain by doing so.

As the timer ticks down, you should really go for it if you’re under the starting balance. Keep in mind that you can’t keep any of the initial free play so you need to win. If you can’t break over the starting point, it doesn’t matter if you reach the end with €499 or €0 – it will all be removed anyways.


What is a free play bonus?

Free play bonus is a special type of bonus sometimes issued by online casinos. Players are given a certain amount of money they can use to play with for a certain period of time, usually around 60 minutes.

Do I get to keep any of the initial bonus amount from free play?

It depends on the policies of the respective casino - make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Are there any wagering requirements connected to free play bonuses?

Yes, there are. However, the wagering is usually applied only to the amount you manage to win and not to the entire free play amount.

Are there any no deposit free play bonuses?

Yes, there are. Quite a few casinos offer free play no deposit bonuses. However, in order to actually claim funds resulting from the bonus, players are usually required to make a certain minimum deposit.

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