Cashback Bonus

Though losing is not something you’d look forward to, cashback programs helps you out when it does occur.

Name Bonus  
Vulkan Vegas Casino Exclusive C$2000
Casino Extreme
Lucky Draw Casino
Dolly Casino Exclusive C$4500
BetSofa Casino Exclusive $500
Lemon Casino Exclusive €0
CosmicSlot Exclusive $300
MrBet Casino Exclusive $0
Alf Casino Exclusive $250
All Right Casino Exclusive €4

In the sea of various casino bonuses, a cashback bonus certainly takes a rather special place. Unlike most other offers Canadian players can find out there, this type of a bonus is only given after the fact, i.e. once you've played and lost some money with an online casino. Although these offers may not be to everybody's liking, they are out there and it is good to get informed about their positive and negative sides.

Like the name suggests, a cashback bonus is an offer that gives players some cash back. To get something back, you first need to stake something, so these offers are usually contingent on you actually making a depositing and playing for a while. Again, although they might not be everybody's cup of tea, cashback bonuses can be quite useful at times.

Cashback Bonus Essentials

Most experienced players have had a chance to at least see some cashback offers out there and many have even experienced it first hand by claiming a cashback bonus at their favorite online casinos. However, there are always new players from Canada looking for information and we try to provide such information. As for the existing, more experienced players, refreshing your memory on some details can only be a good thing.

So, in a nutshell, a cashback bonus is a type of bonus that is calculated based on the player’s losses during a particular timeframe or for a particular deposit. Some examples of standard cashback offers can look something like this:

  • Make a deposit of at least CAD 200 & get 100% of your losses back up to CAD 50
  • Get back 5% up to CAD 100 on all your losses during the weekend
  • 25% of your losses back up to CAD 50 when you play XXX slot

What’s common to all these cashback bonuses is that players need to first deposit and play and the bonuses are only issued after the fact. Additionally, to get a bonus, you need to lose, as you can’t receive any cashback if you keep winning.

This may not sit well with some players as having an offer that is contingent upon you losing isn’t the most encouraging thing in the world. On the other hand, however, you can look at these cashback offers as a safety net of sorts. If you do get lucky and win, you don’t care about the small bonus anyways. If you do lose (which is simply a reality of most online casino sessions), you’ll get some of your money back to try again or cut your losses.

Cashback Bonuses & Wagering Requirements

So, we can see that there is really no reason for players not to like cashback bonuses. They are simply a lifeline that you can get if things go south and you bust your deposit. At that point, any extra money is welcome as it can only be a good thing to try your luck a bit more for free or simply withdraw the extra money (if you can) and make the effective loss smaller.

Wagering requirements are always a big thing with all casino bonuses and it is good to know what to expect from various cashback offers in this department as well. The good news is, most casinos are much more lenient with their wagering requirements when it comes to cashback bonuses. Since players already have to put in a decent amount of play to qualify in the first place, there is really no reason to further complicate things with a large wagering.

Often, Canadian players will be allowed to withdraw their cashback bonus money as soon as they wager it once. On a rare occasion, the casino might even allow players to cash out funds immediately if they so desire, with no further restrictions or complications.

But even when there are wagering requirements involved, they are usually much lower than what you’d get with a regular welcome or reload bonus. A cashback offer will often feature wagering close to the 10x the bonus, which is more than attainable. So, from the pure value point of view, these cashback offers are really player-friendly and definitely worth taking.

Qualifying for a Cashback Bonus

As already mentioned a few times in this text, qualifying for a cashback bonus will almost always require a deposit on the player’s part. While this is true for most bonuses, the biggest difference is, as already described, that this particular type of bonus requires a certain amount of play prior to being issued and is directly connected to the amount of play a player puts in on the casino.

Other than this, of course, you’ll need to find an actual cashback offer to take advantage of as most casinos don’t offer a cashback option on all deposits. Various available options can include:

  • Weekend cashback bonuses
  • A happy hour cashback
  • Cashback offers for a particular game
  • VIP cashback bonuses based on certain requirements

Clearly, there are different ways to get your cashback bonus, especially at leading online casinos in Canada, which often have very strong promotions’ departments. These various offers all work in a similar way in terms of returns but are structured differently.

For example, casinos love issuing weekend cashbacks, primarily because weekends are, traditionally, the busiest times for online gambling sites. So, to get players to play on their casino and not another site, they’ll often offer a cashback bonus on all play during the weekend. For someone who’s already planning to play as it is, these can represent a nice safety net.

Happy hour cashback bonuses are another common type of offer found across various casinos. Like the name suggests, these are issued for play in a certain time slot during the day, for example between 18:00 and 19:00 hours. With these, players can get back a percentage of their losses incurred during that particular period, which is a clear incentive to play during that time.

Cashback offers are also a solid way to get players interested in trying a new game. For example, when a new slot is released, a casino might offer cashback on the first few hundred spins, so players can give the game a try knowing that, if they happen to lose money, they’ll get some of those losses back. These offers are particularly interesting because they effectively increase the RTP of the slot for the duration of the cashback, which might even make them slightly profitable to play.


Understanding VIP Cashback Bonuses

Apart from standard cashback offers that may be available to all players, casinos also tend to offer special bonuses of this type to their VIP players. Often, these aren’t your traditional bonuses as they represent more of a long-term offer that players can take advantage of time and time again. Usually, players need to reach a certain VIP threshold to qualify for these.

To clarify, most Canadian online casinos offer a VIP scheme of some kind or another. As players move up the ladder, they get access to better perks and promotions. Sometimes, these perks include special cashback offers that apply to their entire play on the casino.

So, for example, a casino might offer their VIP players a 5% cashback on all of their play up to a certain amount of money. The amount itself can vary depending on the VIP level and the particular casino but with these programs, high stakes players can often expect to receive a few hundred back at the start of each week.

Quite often, these types of cashback bonuses come with very low wagering requirements or no wagering attached to them at all. Thus, VIP players are treated right and they feel like they’re at least getting something back for their loyalty and all the play they put in with a particular casino. Once again, qualifying for these types of cashback usually requires a decent amount of play, although it doesn’t always have to be the case.

Cashback Offers Instead of Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos realize that different players have different expectations and requirements when they sit down to play. They try to tailor their offers in a way that caters to these needs and expectations from the very first moment a player joins their casino.

So, lately, there is a growing number of Canadian casinos that give players a choice between a standard welcome bonus, i.e. some cash upfront matching a player’s deposit, or a cashback bonus that represents a continuous return on play for as long as the player continues playing on the site.

These are quite similar to VIP cashback offers although percentages and maximum returns can be slightly lower. In essence, instead of taking a 100% bonus up to CAD 200, for example, you can opt for a 5% weekly cashback on all your losses up to a certain amount (CAD 100 or more in most cases).

The choice here is really up to the player. A traditional welcome bonus is a better option for someone who only plays occasionally and wants an immediate boost to their bankroll to give themselves a better shot at winning in a particular session. However, for players planning to play often at a particular online casino, a cashback bonus is clearly a better choice as it will return much more money in the long run.

Finding & Claiming Best Cashback Bonuses

Like with everything else related to online gambling, we try our best to provide players with the information about the best and latest cashback offers available to players from Canada. With a large number of online casinos you can choose from, there is certainly a great number of different offers up for grabs so we try to highlight the best ones that stand to give back most cash to the players.

However, it is virtually impossible to keep up with dozens, if not hundreds of online casinos out there. Sometimes, there are bonuses that simply slip under the radar or aren’t properly advertised by the site so it is possible to miss out on some nice offers along the way. This is, of course, not good as solid cashback bonuses are definitely of interest to most players, especially the ones who play fairly frequently.

So, it is always a good practice to make sure you check your email inbox for any new offers coming your way from the casinos you play at. Most operators are quite diligent in making sure their existing players are made aware of their latest promotions even if they don’t do a great job in terms of advertising them publicly.

It is also worth checking the promotions’ section of the casino sites you play at every now and again. This is especially true for cashback bonuses as these offers tend to be time-limited. So, if you’re planning to play on the weekend, for example, take a few minutes to check out those casinos you frequent and see if they have some special cashback promotion going on. Quite often, you’ll find some sort of a cashback bonus you can claim, which simply improves your chances of winning whichever way you look at it.

In the end, the trend of cashback bonuses is certainly on the rise, with more and more Canadian casinos coming up with these types of offers for their players. Given very low wagering requirements and lax restrictions usually attached to these bonuses, they’re almost always worth taking so try to get yourself a cashback as often as you can.


What is a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is a special type of bonus that is issued by the casino after the fact, i.e. after a player is done playing, if they happen to lose, a casino will give them a certain percentage of their losses back.

What are main advantages of cashback bonuses?

Main advantages from the player’s point of view are low or non-existing wagering requirements usually attached to these bonuses, which makes them that much more valuable.

How can I qualify for a cashback bonus?

There are different types of cashback offers out there so you’ll need to read exact terms and conditions of a particular bonus to know what is required to qualify. Sometimes, these bonuses are time-limited or restricted to a certain game.

A standard welcome bonus or a cashback – which one is better?

The answer here depends on your playing habits. A welcome bonus is better suited for players who play infrequently. If you happen to play a lot at a particular casino, a long-term cashback offer will give you more money back.

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