High Roller Bonuses

Get a large high roller bonus for depositing large amounts. List of online casinos rewarding VIP players and high rollers with huge bonuses and special deals.

Name Bonus  
Playamo Casino Exclusive $2000
Mond Casino Exclusive $500
Cherry Jackpot Casino Exclusive $8800
Casino Max Exclusive $3250
Betamo Exclusive $2000
Lucky Red Casino Exclusive $4000
Lucky Nugget Casino Exclusive $1000
Sun Palace Casino Exclusive $10000
Vegas Casino Online Exclusive $10000
Las Vegas USA Casino Exclusive $10000

While there are quite a few differences between online and land-based casinos in general, there are also quite a few things they have in common. One of the more obvious similarities has to do with high rollers, i.e. players who tend to play stakes higher than average and don't mind put a lot of money on the line at any given time. All casinos, online and live, love high rollers and tend to treat them well.

Among different perks these players get at online casinos, high roller bonuses definitely stand out as some of the most lucrative and generous offers out there. Although they are similar to casino bonuses offered to regular players, these bonuses for high rollers do come with certain perks that average customers don't have access to.

Big Boosts for Big Spenders

The first and the most obvious difference between regular and high roller bonuses is the amount of cash up for grabs. A regular player will usually be offered a bonus of €100 or €200. Sometimes the amount can also be bigger but casino bonuses are, in general, adjusted to fit the average level of play of their customers.

When it comes to high rollers, however, casinos are more likely to open up their purse and dish out big amounts, usually in the region of low to mid three figures. Big players, especially Canadian players, can get match bonuses of €1,000 or more with no fuss because regular offers simply don’t match their level of play. For someone doing €10+ slot spins or €100 per hand of blackjack, a bonus of €200 really doesn’t do much.

It is interesting to note that these high roller bonuses often come with lower match percentages. For example, regular players often get 100% or 150% matches on their deposits. High rollers will often receive 50% bonuses but up to much higher amounts. This way, casinos get their big players to deposit more of their own money to take full advantage of the offer.

But, for someone who’s used to playing high stakes, depositing something in the region of €5,000 to get an extra €2,500 isn’t all that unusual. They can certainly afford it and, as a matter of fact, they tend to make big deposits as it is. So, these high roller bonuses simply serve as an extra incentive to do what they were going to do in the first place.

High Roller Bonuses & Wagering Requirements

Online casinos like to spoil their big spenders and it is not reflected just in the amount of bonus money they are willing to dish out. High rollers will often be offered bonuses that come with much lower wagering requirements than those that regular players have to deal with. For example, a high roller bonus can have a turnover of just 20x or even 15x.

While this isn’t something casinos are always happy to do, they understand high rollers are a different breed of players. They need to feel valued and respected; otherwise, they’ll take their money somewhere else. With so many options available on the internet these days, big players can easily find an online casino that will offer them better playing conditions.

So, to keep their high stakes customers in good mood, online casinos will often compromise on wagering requirements for high roller bonuses. Someone who’s willing to gamble for big bucks isn’t looking for a quick hit and run anyways so casinos know that, in the long run, this strategy will prove profitable. They just need to be patient.

High rollers, on the other hand, don’t mind this. They, too, often know that despite all the bonuses and all the extra money, they’ll end up leaving behind a decent chunk of money. However, with good offers, they have a better chance at a lucky run, which sometimes results in massive, six and even seven-figure wins.

Best Casinos Offering VIP Bonuses

Not all online casinos are either equipped or interesting in offering high roller bonuses. Catering to high stakes players carries with it certain risks that some sites just aren’t willing to take. So, those looking for VIP bonuses need to look for casinos that target VIP players and have the ability to cater to their needs.

Usually, these are more established operators that have been around for a while. These sites have the necessary means and know-how to devise high roller bonuses that cater to the needs of their VIP players and still give them a necessary upside to stay ahead of the game.

These casinos aren’t hard to find. Most of those offering special high roller bonuses will make sure they market them in a way players can easily find them and take advantage of them. Additionally, those who have been around for a while often have lists of their former high rollers and will occasionally reach out to them with special VIP bonus offers to try and get them playing again.

Get the Best Deals There Are

Prior to claiming a high roller bonus, it is always advisable to check out all the terms and conditions that come with it. If there is anything unclear, have a short chat with customer support and ask your questions. As mentioned, big players from Canada can find heaps of great offers, so there is every incentive for the players to go only after the best deals and most favorable deals out there.

For example, always check out game restrictions. Although VIP bonuses usually come with more relaxed terms, game restrictions often apply. Many high rollers like to have their picks as they like, so don’t go for a bonus that doesn’t allow table games if roulette or blackjack are usually your games of choice.

Also, it is worth making sure the bonus is really what it says it is. Sometimes, casinos will offer high roller bonuses that you can only use to play with but once you’re out of wagering, the bonus money is gone. These “play-only” offers aren’t really what you’re looking for as they don’t provide nearly the kind of value you get from a proper high roller bonus, where a player gets to keep whatever remains of the bonus balance once the wagering is done.

Claiming a High Roller Bonus

To take advantage of a VIP bonus offer, the procedure is usually quite similar to the one required to claim any regular casino bonus. Sometimes, you’ll need to use a special bonus code to trigger a particular offer. At other times, you’ll get to simply pick the particular bonus from several offers available on the site.

Either way, one thing is usually true for high roller bonuses. Players are expected to make a decent-sized deposit to take advantage of these offers. Usually, it is at least €500 in one go, although it can be more sometimes. It all depends on the particular offer and the casino. All the perks that come with these bonuses are there for a reason – the casino expects a player to be ready to put a decent amount of money on the line.

Exclusive Bonuses for High Rollers

Sometimes, Canadian players who are perceived as high rollers are invited by an online casino to take advantage of an exclusive offer. In these situations, you’ll sometimes need to reach out to customer support and see what they have in mind.

These often tend to be the best high roller bonuses you can get. If a casino invites you to have a chat, it means they have some wiggle room and will try to meet your needs to get you to play with them. In these situations, it is often worth to try and push the envelope. A player that caught attention of a casino is perceived as valuable so they’ll often be prepared to make a deal that’s better than any generic high roller bonus out there.

In these situations, it is usually worth having a brief chat and hearing what they have to offer. If you’re someone who gambles at a high level as it is, there is no harm in seeing what kind of exclusive high roller deal might be on the table. If you don’t like it, you can simply move on; you’re under no obligation to accept a deal you don’t like regardless of how much a chat representative tries to change your mind.

Making Most Out of High Roller Bonuses

Although VIP players usually know how to make most of their special offers, it never hurts to hear some extra advice and see if it helps you make more money along the way. With the amount of cash usually involved with these high roller bonuses, big players do have a good chance to go for some nice wins and their options are usually better than those of regular players.

First of all, wagering requirements are usually much more player-friendly. This means that high rollers aren’t as incentivized to take big risks. If you have a bonus on €2,000 on top of your €4,000 deposit, for example, and only need to wager something like €30,000, there is no need to go crazy with the bets. For example, you have a good chance of making the wagering and actually banking some of that bonus money playing no higher than €10 per spin.

Finding a low-variance slot to do this at is also a good idea. Although some of these games may be restricted while you’re in the bonus money, there are still quite a few options available. Find a game that plays well in the base game and offers fairly frequent small to medium wins. You could be done with wagering in a couple of hours and actually have a solid chunk of your bonus funds released. Plus, there is always a chance you get that big win along the way as well.

Are VIP Bonuses Worth It?

There are definitely many upsides to high roller bonuses when compared to regular casino offers. However, very rarely do these provide an actual upside for a player. The casino will usually tailor their offer in a way that still gives them an edge, even if it is a much smaller one in comparison to their everyday bonuses.

So, it makes no sense to look at high roller bonuses as a way to make money as this isn’t possible. For those who aren’t high rollers already, there is no point in extending themselves and depositing more than they can just to grab that high roller offer. It will cost you a lot of money in the long run and there isn’t really an upside to doing it.

For high stakes players from Canada, however, these VIP bonuses are definitely something to consider. Although not all players like to be restricted by bonus funds, finding good offers can actually increase your chances for a big hit. Someone making regular big deposits and used to playing high stakes should be able to take the swings and all the extra money can provide a decent amount of wiggle room while waiting for that one big bonus or a huge hit in the base game on the slots!


How do high roller bonuses differ from regular bonus offers?

Usually, high roller bonuses will offer more extra cash for players to use and will come with lower, more attainable wagering requirements.

How can one claim a VIP bonus?

The procedure is usually the same as with claiming any casino bonus. The only real difference is the amount of money required to trigger these offers, as high roller bonuses usually require bigger deposits.

What are the best casinos for these high roller bonuses?

Usually, best casinos with high roller offers are the ones that have been around for a while and have the means to support their VIP players. These operators aren’t risk-averse and are willing to go the extra mile for their big players to keep them happy and coming back.

Are high roller bonuses worth taking for regular players?

Going over your usual deposit limits and playing higher than you usually would just to get a high roller bonus isn’t really worth it. Although these bonuses offer better conditions for the players, they still aren’t profitable in most cases so you can’t expect to make money with them.

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