Reload Bonus

Give your bankroll an extra boost when you reload your account by getting reload bonuses.

Name Bonus  
Playamo Casino Exclusive $250
Jackpot City Casino Exclusive C$50
Vulkan Vegas Casino Exclusive C$200
20BET Casino Exclusive $100
Yoju Casino Exclusive $200
Casino4u Exclusive FS500
BetSofa Casino Exclusive $250
Lemon Casino Exclusive $300
CosmicSlot Exclusive $100
Betamo Exclusive $250

Reload bonuses is the type of bonus that comes after the welcome bonus. It is a way for casinos to retain the loyalty of the player and is equal to the value of your deposit. Some casinos give out weekly bonuses but the most common form is the monthly reload bonus which is typically called “Monthly Deposit Bonus”. Other casinos also have special bonuses that they give out on anniversaries, holidays and birthdays. As VIPS often get better bonuses and offers, it would do you good to check out your casino’s VIP programme if you play regularly.

Online casinos always look for ways to keep their players around and get some of their dormant customers back into the thick of things. To achieve this goal, they use a variety of promotional tools, offers, and gifts. A reload bonus is definitely among the most effective strategies to keep punters around and Canadian players are usually offered very good reload deals.

These bonuses are exactly what they sound like, i.e. bonuses issued on players’ deposits past their initial deposit. While welcome bonuses are in place to get players to deposit for the first time and try their luck with a casino, reload bonuses are in place to get them to deposit again once they’re out of the welcome bonus.

Reload Bonus Basics

Almost all casino bonuses are similar in the most important aspects of their structure. These reload bonuses are presented to different types of players – those relatively new to the casino as well as those who have been around for a while. The structure of the offer can vary greatly based on many factors but, generally speaking, reload bonuses aren’t as generous as welcome offers.

This isn’t to say they aren’t worth taking, of course. But, for the casinos, acquiring new players is always the primary goal, which is why welcome bonus packages can be extremely generous. Reload bonuses might not be as attractive but they still offer some nice extra value, especially when dealing with customers from high value markets such as players from Canada.

Reload Bonuses in Welcome Packages

Fact of the matter is, many welcome packages at numerous online casinos will include several reload bonuses right off the bat. For example, a welcome offer can be structured along the lines of:

  • 100% bonus on the 1st deposit up to €/CAD500
  • 50% bonus on the 2nd & 3rd deposit up to €/CAD200
  • 100%+ bonus on the 4th deposit up to €/CAD500

Although it isn’t an explicit rule, you’ll find that these reload bonuses in welcome packages are often structured in a way that the first and the last deposit in the package also include the most generous bonuses. The logic behind this is quite clear, as online casinos want to incentivize players to deposit more and play more. To get to that valuable bonus in the end, they need to make a couple of deposits in between.

Reload Bonuses for Loyal Players

Of course, existing Canadian players also get to take advantage of some nice reload bonus offers as well. Sometimes, these are offered to all players for simply depositing on particular days of the week or during particular times. At other times, a casino will reach out to a player directly, offering them an exclusive reload bonus, usually tailored in the way to fit the player’s previous gaming habits.

In the latter case, it is usually players who haven’t been active on the site for a little while and casinos want them back. Retention is one of the most important strategies of every online casinos and nicely structured reload bonuses can often do the trick and pique the player’s interest.

Things to Know About Reload Bonuses

Like other types of casino bonuses, reload offers usually come with certain terms and conditions attached to them. Players should always get properly informed about these as it is important to make sure your play is always in line with bonus rules so as to avoid any surprises that could lead to the casino taking away the bonus winnings.

First of all, there are dreaded wagering requirements that are almost always connected to reload bonuses. However, Canadian players will find that the wagering on most reload offers is usually much more achievable than the one connected to welcome packages. This has to do with the fact that these offers often have a lower match percentage but also the fact casinos tend to be more lenient with players who stick with them and continue to make fresh deposits and play.

That said, other usual restrictions are still in play with most reload bonuses, i.e.:

  • The maximum bet limit
  • Allowed games
  • Occasionally, the maximum cashout (win limit)

The first two items on this list are quite self-explanatory and most players know what they mean. While you’re in the bonus funds, you might be restricted to a certain maximum per bet or spin on a slot. This maximum is usually fairly reasonable, at around CAD 5, but if you aren’t careful and go over the limit, you risk losing the bonus and any attached wins.

Allowed games are the standard feature of almost any casino bonus. While most casinos are happy to let their players play almost all slots, lower-variance games like blackjack, roulette, or video poker machines aren’t in the same category. While players from Canada might be allowed to play these as well, wagering contributions are often significantly lower.

Reload Bonuses With Maximum Cashout Clause

A thing that some casinos like to do with their reload bonuses is set a cap on the maximum player is allowed to win/cash out. So, if you get a bonus of CAD 200, terms and conditions may stipulate that you’re only allowed to win 10x the bonus amount (or something along those lines). While this is still a decent number, it does take away a bit of potential as if you happen to go on a really hot streak, you might lose some value.

In general, players don’t particularly like bonuses with maximum win stipulations, for obvious reasons. Most major Canadian brands don’t include such provisions in their reload bonus rules but there are still some that do. As always, the best practice is to make sure prior to accepting the bonus so you know exactly where you are and what to expect.

Reload Bonuses & Free Spins

Apart from offering straight-up cash, some casinos like to include free spins inside their reload bonus packages. In fact, sometimes players will just be offered a certain number of free spins upon their deposit, without any bonus cash added to the mix.

In general, casinos will try to sweeten the pot in these situations where just free spins are up for grabs. For example, they might offer one free spin for every currency unit deposited up to a certain maximum. This way, players can get anywhere from few dozen to few hundred free spins, often for some of the latest slot titles.

As always, these free spins come with certain base-value attached to them. With standard reload bonus offers, the value of each spin is usually the lowest possible value for that particular machine, so it is something like €0.10 or €0.20. When you look at it that way, even 200 free spins could be worth just €20 or €40.

However, there are many players out there who simply enjoy free spins more than cash offers. With cash bonuses, you know exactly what you’re getting and there is no anticipation or surprise. With free spins, however, there is no telling what can happen. Since you’ll have to play a few hundred spin on a particular slot, it is quite possible there will be one or two good bonus features along the way, which can actually skyrocket the value of the bonus.

Some of the best online casinos operating in Canada will make things even more appealing in these types of setups by offering no-wagering free spins. This means that whatever a player wins from their free spins is added straight to their cash balance with no further wagering requirements to worry about. So, even if you get very lucky and end up winning a couple of hundred, the cash will be yours to do with as you please.

In these cases, free spins certainly seem like a much more appealing alternative as no one enjoys dealing with wagering requirements and having to play thousands of spins to try and run away with a bit of extra money. The trend of no-wagering free spins in reload bonus packages is certainly on the rise, which is great to see from the players’ perspective.

Reload Bonuses for Loyal Players

As mentioned, there are all sorts of reload bonuses on offer out there. However, the best ones are those offered by casinos to their loyal players. If a casino sees someone as a truly loyal and valuable customer, they’ll try to do everything they can to make them feel at home and continue playing with them instead of going out there and looking for a new site.

The thing is, every online casino these days offers a welcome bonus and it is very appealing for the players to go and look for good welcome offers. It simply makes sense as these provide nice bankroll boosts and help create much more play time for the same monetary investment.

So, those casinos that really want to stay ahead of the curve tend to create special reload bonus packages for their loyal players. Whether they send these offers via email or phone or they’re provided through an automated system that rates the players’ play, these are in place to ensure existing players stick around and continue their patronage of a particular casino.

Of course, it isn’t always easy for the casinos to keep giving out good reload bonuses so many players do end up moving on and taking a welcome package at another casino instead. Of course, there are things other than bonuses that can help keep players around, such as selection of games and good, dedicated customer support, but at the end of the day, straight-up monetary value added through this bonuses tends to play the main role.

True Value of Reload Bonuses

So, when all things are considered, how valuable are these various reload bonus offers? From a player’s perspective, are they worth chasing after and sticking around for or would you be better of simply moving on after playing out your initial bonus and finding a brand new casino and restarting the process?

If we’re talking just in terms of money, reload bonuses usually can’t match different welcome offers out there. Even for Canadian players, there is only so much value casinos can afford to give up so, apart from exclusive high rollers and VIPs, no one can expect to get a reload bonus three or four times a week.

That said, there are also other things to consider. While you may not be getting the most value in terms of money by sticking to a particular casino and claiming their reload bonuses, a good gambling site has so much more to offer. For example, you might be losing a bit of money by not chasing all welcome bonuses out there – in theory. In practice, however, it is enough for one of these new casinos to refuse your withdrawal for all that value to get completely lost.

When you find a good online casino that offers solid reload bonuses, it is definitely worth sticking with them. The amount of time and headache you’ll save by simply avoiding all the various issues that might await for you at a new casino is usually not worth the bother. And, if you have a few solid casinos that you play at regularly, you should be able to get more than enough reload bonuses throughout the month to keep you going.


What are reload bonuses?

Reload bonuses are bonus offers issued by the casinos to their existing players, boosting their deposits after the initial (first) deposit.

What can I expect to get from an average reload bonus?

Usually, reload bonuses aren’t as generous as welcome bonuses, but you can still expect to get a match of anywhere between 50% and 100% on your reloads.

What kind of wagering requirements do these bonuses have?

Most reload bonuses have more player-friendly wagering requirements than various welcome bonus offers. This is due to lower match percentages but also because casinos want to have their existing players stick around.

Do reload bonuses also include some free spins?

Occasionally, yes. In fact, sometimes a reload bonus will offer wager-free free spins, where everything you win, you’ll get to keep with no wagering attached to the winnings whatsoever.

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