Best Online Casino Tournaments 2022

Best Online Casino Tournaments 2022

Discover the best online casino tournaments that are happening right now, and the casinos that offer these tournaments daily, weekly and monthly!

Best Casino Tournaments


Online casino tournaments have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with different tournaments available at top online casinos.

Casino tournaments are exciting gaming events that enable you to participate while playing real money casino games for a chance to win. If you enjoy competing against other players, then casino tournaments are a fun way to do so.

Tourneys are immensely popular, with most top online casinos having multiple options to join a competition. There are slot, poker, blackjack, and mission-based tournaments, with many other competitions popping up from time to time. The type of tourney you choose to play can link to your game of choice. Blackjack tournaments are especially popular, and participation grows as more players improve their skills and strategy.

Playing casino games the traditional way allows you to play and cash in on your wins. However, you pay an entry fee for chips or credits to play a select range of games by playing casino tournaments.

Depending on the tournament, the entry fee generally awards you either free spins, bonus cash, or free chips.

You will then have a set time limit in which you need to play a select number of games or complete set tasks for a chance to win during the competition. If you succeed and reach the top of the leaderboard or one of the prize positions, you will be awarded accordingly. Only players that rank in prized positions will be granted a prize.

There are online casino freeroll tournaments that do not require a buy-in. These freeroll tourneys can be on anything from slots to table games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, to name just a few. In addition, there is plenty to participate in with competition-driven brands, including RTG Casino Tournaments, mobile tournaments, and daily slot tourneys.

Prizes Awarded in Online Casino Tournaments

Online casino tournaments are not just exciting to participate in, but they can also be rewarding. With online casino tournaments, you can get your hands on several prizes. The prizes will vary based on the types of contests and prize pools. You can win cash prizes, free spins, or casino bonuses with many online casino tournaments.

Other competitions will allow you to win exciting prizes such as luxury holidays, a car, or even VIP tickets to an exclusive event. Other rewards you may find in tourneys include electronic goods and cash premiums.

Essential Terms for Casino Tournaments

Like any other bonuses or promotions, online casino tournaments will come with rules and terms and conditions. It's important to note that these terms and conditions are vital for eligibility. When it comes to competitive tourneys, you need to consider rules and several factors, including the game time, bet amount, and entry fees.

There are a few things to take note of before you opt into online casino tournaments, including:

Registration Timeline

Most tournaments have a registration timeline which many online players miss because they do not read the fine print. Make sure you read the terms to ensure you register for the tournament in time. By checking the fine print, you make sure you know any timeline restrictions, including registration times.

Entry Fees

It's essential to see how the entry cost is structured in the tourney you wish to enter. There are some occasions where no entry fee is charged, as with a freeroll tourney, but others may call for an entry fee which may not be ideal, especially if you have a limited bankroll. Make sure you're comfortable with the bet amount required before you start playing too.

Prize Division

The tournament advertisement will state how many players can win. When reading the terms and conditions, you will better understand how the prize is divided. There are different types of tournaments, and each has different prize pool distributions. In some tournaments, one player gets the entire prize, while in others, the prize pool is distributed among several players.

If you're working with a budget, the prize distribution might impact your choices of whether to enter the tournament. Therefore, it's essential to check the tournament terms and conditions to check the prize divisions.

Qualifying Games

There's nothing worse than entering a competitive online casino tournament and not playing the correct games. It's essential to read the fine print to ensure you're playing games that count towards the tournament requirements. Some games do not contribute and help you make your way up the leaderboard ranks.

It depends on the type of tournaments when it comes to qualifying games. You can find slot tournaments, poker, video poker, Hold'Em, blackjack, poker, table games tourneys, and even live casino tournaments at the best online casinos. The tournament terms will indicate which games can be played and contribute to your rank on the leaderboard.

Wagering Requirements

Another critical factor is the wagering requirements attached to the prize money. Some casinos will offer you prizes that come with wagering requirements attached. These are bonuses or free spins subject to wagering requirements before players can make any real money withdrawals. It's essential to take note of these requirements to ensure you do not unknowingly opt for withdrawals and render your bonus wins void via early withdrawals.

Getting Started

How to Participate in Online Casino Tournaments: Taking part in casino tournaments is not as complicated as it may seem. It's a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. If you're new to online casino tournaments, follow these simple steps to start playing casino tournaments.

Find a Casino with Casino Tournaments

The first step is to find an online casino that hosts casino tournaments. You can look at our top casino list right here on this page to speed up the process. Once you find a reputable casino hosting tournaments, register your new player account to be eligible to participate in casino tournaments.

2 Choose your Game

From there, you can log in to your new casino account and choose the game type on which you'd like to enjoy competitive tourneys. If tournaments are available, it will be indicated, allowing you to play while enjoying your favourite games.

3 Enter a Tournament

Once you find a tournament you're interested in, you can click on the tournament to participate. Unless the tournament is a freeroll you are registering for, you will need to pay the entry fee.

4 Pay Entry Fee if Needed

If an entry fee is required, you will need to visit the cashier to make a deposit to cover your buy-in.

5 Create Your Tournament Alias

From there, you can proceed to create your Alias or nickname that you will use throughout the tournament. This alias/nickname will be shown on the tournament leaderboard.

6 Start Playing

Once you've completed all the steps, all you need to do is enter the tournament and start playing when prompted or at the scheduled time.

Tournament Types

A Variety of Casino Tournaments Await: The top online casinos host different casino tournaments. Each tournament operates differently and has its range of benefits. Look at the different types of casino tournaments and what makes them unique.

Scheduled Tournaments

The scheduled tournaments begin at a fixed time and charge an entry fee unless they are freeroll tournaments. Only a select number of players may enter and register with these tournaments before it begins.

Satellite Tournaments

These are smaller tournaments or competitive events with a lower buy-in that enables you to play your way into the bigger tournaments, often including the main event; This is particularly popular with poker tourneys.

Sit 'n Go Tournaments

The Sit 'n Go Tournaments are a more flexible scheduled tournament that starts once enough players have signed up. As the name suggests, you 'sit' and wait until there are enough players, and then you 'go' and play the tournament.

Extender Tournaments

The Extender Tournament is a payment-based tournament where you have the option to extend your tournament play even after you run out of credits. You can use the continue option, but it requires payment.

One-Shot Tournaments

The One-Shot Tournaments are a rapid, winner takes all type tournament where a single round is played. The player that reaches the top of the leaderboard first will take home the entire prize pool.

Reloader Tournaments

With this type of tournament, you can repeatedly play to increase your odds and move up the leaderboard. All players have similar odds of moving up the leaderboard and must do so within a certain period.

Survivor Tournaments

The Survivor Tournaments are a common tournament type where only the 'last man standing' is victorious. You will participate in multiple tournament rounds. And with each round, many players will fall out. Only the players that remain on the top of the leaderboard will claim their share of the prize pool.


Land-based VS Online Tourneys

Land-based tournaments versus Online - Which is Best? When it comes to enjoying the fun and entertainment of casino tournaments, not everyone is looking to play online. Brick-and-mortar casino tournaments have a strong following who prefer the camaraderie and an excuse to go out for an evening over sitting at home in front of their computers. Here are some of the pros and cons of each:

Land-Based Casino Tournaments -VS- Online Casino Tournaments

Low cost to enter with real money prizes -VS- Low cost to join with real money prizes

Great sense of camaraderie in the casino -VS- Enjoy the comfort of your home

Dressing up for a night out -VS- Resting comfortably in your PJs

Smaller selection of tournament types -VS- Instant access to multiple tournaments

Drinks and food readily available -VS- Having to prepare your snacks



Online Casino Tournament Quick Tips

1. Play at Top Online Casinos - Make sure you play tournaments at the best and most secure online casinos. A pro tip is to look for casinos with the best payout speeds and payout percentages. Also, opt for licensed and regulated sites by reputable gaming authorities. If you're not sure where to start, browse through the list of OCR-approved online casinos.

2. Check the Tourney Game Variety - While the online casino needs to have a large variety of games, it's even more important to check if there is a decent selection of events for different games. For example, some online casinos will only offer slot tournaments, while others might lean more towards poker.

3. Check the Tournament Schedule - It's essential to see how frequent the competition schedule is. If you play regular tournaments, it won't help to play at a casino with random contests occasionally. Find out the frequency of the tourneys and check if they have an easily accessible schedule.

4. Scout the Prize Pool - Before you enter any competition, you need to consider the rewards. Are there big cash prizes for the top players or merely loyalty points and casino-based rewards? Is the prize pool big enough to ensure a quality award for all, or does it become a minimal prize when divided across top winners? It's essential to check these factors and ask yourself the minimum you're willing to compete for; This also applies to casino freeroll tournaments.

5. Put the Service to the Test - The customer support team is there to assist with all casino-related issues. If you've got questions about the tournaments, then make sure to contact the customer support team. Ask all the questions you can think of and check if the response is helpful.

6. Don't Rush the Gameplay - Once the tournament starts, many players will jump in to get as many entries as possible. With this, the servers will slow down, affecting the experience. Rather be the' fashionably late player to avoid the rush and cash in on as many spins or bets as the time allows without being impacted negatively by the main rush.

7. Spin Setting - If you're participating in a timed slot tournament, spin the reels as fast as possible. A pro tip is to set the reel spins to the quickest setting, hit stop manually, and start at double-quick speed. Take note that Autoplay is not available during these tournaments, so your fingers will be doing much clicking. And the more you play, the more your odds are of activating a bonus feature.



What are satellite tournaments?

Satellite tournaments are smaller tournaments where you can participate to win a seat at the bigger tournaments, including the main event. Satellite tournaments are pretty popular with poker and blackjack players.

What if I experience technical difficulties during a tournament?

It's not often that technical difficulties happen, but it's always during key or high-pressure moments when it does. When it comes to casino gameplay, technical problems can strike at any given time. Each casino has its methods of dealing with such situations. The way the case is handled will differ from one casino to the other, and the best is to consult the casino support team for more information on what happens in such a time.

What is a guaranteed poker tournament?

A guaranteed poker tournament is a regular poker tournament, with the big difference being that it comes with a guaranteed set amount of the prize pool. So if there is a $1,000 prize pool, it will stay that way even if there aren't many chips bought. On the other hand, if there is a significant participant uptake, the prize pool will adjust accordingly.

What can I win with online casino tournaments?

Today, online casino tournaments have different types of prizes available, ranging from cash prizes to casino bonuses, free spins, and even goods such as holiday giveaways, cars, and more. Most tournaments will have a cash or bonus prize up for grabs.

Am I allowed to cash out my winnings?

One of the most exciting things about online casino tourneys is the opportunity to get your share of the prize pool. Unfortunately, there are strict rules against taking only part of your stack off the table with most tourneys. So, if you wish to cash out, you must assume all your chips and walk away.

Are there strategies I need to learn?

One thing that remains accurate is that it's all based on chance. In most tourneys today, some moves are preferable to others. However, there's never an ultimate strategy to increase your odds. The best will be to find a tournament on the most familiar games and only utilise a betting strategy that fits your bankroll.


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