No Deposit Bonuses

One of the most popular bonuses is the no deposit required bonus, that enables you to play with free real cash. Listed below are websites that offer such a bonus.

Name Bonus  
888 Casino Exclusive C$88
Vulkan Vegas Casino Exclusive FS50
PowerPlay Casino Exclusive $5
Slotvibe Casino Exclusive FS20
Lucky Draw Casino Exclusive FS25
Cherry Jackpot Casino Exclusive FS30
Bob Casino Exclusive FS22
MagicalSpin Casino Exclusive €10
777 Casino Exclusive FS77
Bondibet Casino Exclusive FS50

In the world of online gambling, very few things beat the satisfaction of being able to play and win real money without having to risk any cash of your own. That's exactly what no deposit bonuses are all about as they provide players with an opportunity to try their luck and get acquainted with an online casino with zero risk.

Canadian players can access a number of these no deposit bonus offers at many online casinos looking to attract new customers. On this page, we'll explain everything there is to know about no deposit bonuses to help those new to online gambling. If you've ever had any questions or dilemmas about the subject, you should be able to find your answers here.

The Value of No Deposit Bonuses

One of the biggest concerns many players have about no deposit bonuses is whether or not they’ll actually get paid if they win. It is clear these offers are a part of casino marketing strategy to attract new players but what happens when you play with this bonus money and actually manage to win?

As long as you’re sticking to reputable Canadian casinos, there will never be any problems or issues with regards to paying out your winnings. Of course, there are usually terms and conditions attached to all such offers, which is discussed in later paragraphs, so it isn’t exactly the same as if you were playing with your own money. But, the short and sweet answer is: yes, you are able to win with no deposit bonuses.

This makes these types of bonuses very valuable and attractive to players, especially those looking to simply have some fun and win a bit of money if Lady Luck looks their way. Similar things exist in land-based casinos as well, where players are often given free play vouchers or chips but online casinos are more generous in this regard because they can’t offer other perks found at land-based venues (like free drinks, food, etc.).

What’s In It for the Casinos?

From a player’s perspective, it can seem odd that an online casino would give away bonus money to players who have never deposited with them before. After all, what’s stopping you from trying your luck with the no deposit bonus and simply moving on if you lose?

The short answer is: nothing, really.

Casinos are aware that a fairly large percentage of people signing up for the sake of a no deposit bonus won’t become paying customers and they’re fine with that. However, a fraction of all those who do sign up and leave their contact information will likely, at some point in the future, be attracted by one of their deposit bonuses or other promotions.

Likewise, simply taking a no deposit bonus doesn’t guarantee you’ll walk away with any actual cash. So, in the end, this is a great promotional tool for the casinos, which doesn’t cost them all that much. No deposit bonuses are one of rare win-win situations you’ll find in the online gambling world.

No Deposit Bonus Restrictions: It’s Not Easy to Get Paid

Once a player is issued a no deposit bonus, they can usually use the money just as if it were real cash. However, individual bonuses come with different terms and conditions, which are in place to make sure players are really using these funds to have fun and try out the casino and not trying the scam the operator out of their money.

First and foremost, no deposit bonuses offered to players from Canada usually have fairly high wagering requirements. For example, it isn’t at all uncommon for a casino to require players to turn over $500 or $1,000 on a $10 no deposit bonus. This may seem like a huge turnover (and it is) but no deposit bonuses aren’t casinos doing charity work. They give these away to attract players and pay a few lucky ones in the process.

Furthermore, you’ll never get rich off of a no deposit bonus. In 99% of cases, there is the max win clause, which restricts the maximum amount a player can withdraw if they’re playing with a no deposit bonus. Usually, this number is around $100, which is a nice chunk of change considering you didn’t have to put any money on the line, but you won’t be walking away with a huge amount.

Claiming No Deposit Bonuses

With technicalities out of the way, let’s move to the most important question out there. How can Canadian players claim these no deposit bonus offers?

The process of claiming a no deposit bonus is usually straightforward. If this is a casino-wide offer available to all players, you’ll simply need to register an account and potentially confirm your registration via a link sent to you in an email. After this, the no deposit bonus will usually be added to your account and ready to play.

In some other instances, player may need a special code to activate a particular no deposit offer. The code is usually entered in the appropriate field during the registration or presented to a customer support representative after the registration process. Usually, these details are explained beforehand so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to claim a no deposit bonus.

One Account per Person

Casinos are very strict on enforcing the “one account per person” rule when dealing with no deposit bonuses. Many players think that, since these are bonus money offers, they can get away with claiming them time and time again until they get lucky and win. This doesn’t work, however, as it is completely against terms and conditions and modern casinos have numerous ways to track multiple registrations coming from the same IP, computer, etc.

That said, there is nothing stopping you from claiming as many no deposit bonuses as you like from different casinos. If you happen to bust at one or two, you can find the next one, register again, and restart the process. This is completely legitimate and in line with casino rules so if you want to try your luck with no deposit bonuses, this is the best way to go about it. Otherwise, you might end up winning and not being able to cash out because you broke the rules by registering more than one account.

Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

Various no deposit offers have many advantages attached to them. The most obvious one is the fact they give players an opportunity to play and win real cash without risking anything. As far as making money is concerned, it is hard to beat no deposit bonuses and this is what attracts most players to these promotions.

However, beyond this, there are other upsides to claiming no deposit offers even if you have a good gambling bankroll. This is free cash you can use immediately without having to go through a hassle of depositing and you can check out how you like the casino and games they offer. Since these bonuses are no different to real cash, you’ll be able to see how slots behave, for example, and if you’re happy with the kind of returns they offer.

There is also a fun element attached to them. When you take a no deposit offer, there is the challenge attached to it, where you’re trying to beat the wagering and turn the bonus into some actual money you can walk away with. Even if you end up with just a small amount of profit, you can enjoy the fact you’ve managed to “beat” the casino in a way, which is definitely an achievement on its own.

No Deposit Bonuses Downsides

No deposit bonuses might not be to all players’ liking so make sure you’re happy with the deal you’re getting. This relates primarily to various restrictions described in the earlier paragraphs. Some players are especially opposed to the max winning cap, which can be somewhat anticlimactic if you happen to catch a really lucky run and end up running up the initial $10 to a few hundred or even a few thousand.

If this is something that you feel would bother you than playing with a no deposit bonus is probably not the best idea. There are plenty of other offers available to Canadian players, including real money welcome bonuses, where there are no such restrictions.

Keep in mind that these offers are intended primarily for entertainment purposes and casino will never pay more than the threshold stipulated in the terms and conditions. Progressive jackpots might be the only exception to the rule but you need to make sure progressive games are allowed under specific no deposit bonus terms.

Turning Air into Money: No Deposit Bonus Strategies

Amounts awarded through no deposit bonuses are usually fairly small, which means odds are usually against the players to actually meet the wagering requirements and walk away with profit. However, with a good approach, you can increase the likelihood of this happening more often, which is good enough all things considered.

One of the first things to think about is that you can’t be too conservative with no deposit bonuses. Since it is bonus money and you won’t be losing anything if you bust, there is really no reason to be overly cautious. If you get a $10 or $20 no deposit bonus, you’ll need to get to at least $150 or $200 to be in a position where you can realistically expect to beat the wagering.

So, try to play slots where you can get these kinds of wins and at a level that can provide them. Betting around $0.25 or so a spin is probably a good starting point. At this bet level, a decent bonus round can get you where you need to be. Plus, you still get 40 clean bets if you’re starting with $10, which is plenty of time to try and get a decent bonus or a good win.

If you do get lucky and move up to around $200, there is no reason to increase bets much more. Perhaps you can take it up a notch but since you’ll only be allowed to cash out $100 or so, there isn’t much point in trying to win more. Your main goal is to get through the wagering and withdraw the maximum.

So, if you were to keep betting $0.25 a spin and had to meet 50x wagering requirements ($500), it would take you 2,000 spins. This isn’t all that much at all and you should be able to do it in around two hours. Finding a slot with good base-game play is probably a good idea for this part as you aren’t as interested in building your balance as you are in maintaining it.

In the end, this obviously isn’t a foolproof strategy and most of the time you’ll probably end up losing the initial no deposit bonus. However, it does give you a better shot than trying to bet the minimum and meet the wagering right from the get-go. You need to create some padding first. And, if things don’t go right on the first or the second attempt, there are plenty Canadian online casinos offering no deposit bonuses so you aren’t likely to run out of opportunities any time soon.


Can I win real money playing with no deposit bonuses?

Yes, you can. No deposit bonuses offered by legit casinos can be turned into real cash you can withdraw or use to play more with no restrictions.

What is the maximum one can win when playing on a no deposit bonus?

Casinos usually put the max win limit on their no deposit bonuses, so you won’t be getting rich from these. Usually, winnings a player can withdraw are capped at around $100.

Wagering requirements seem very high. Can these be beaten?

Wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses are usually quite higher than for regular, deposit bonuses. However, these can still be beaten, especially if you employ strategies explained on this page.

Am I allowed to claim the same no deposit bonus more than once?

No, you are not. You can’t claim the same bonus from the same casino more than once (deposit or no deposit). However, you’re free to claim as many different no deposit bonuses at different online casinos as you like.

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