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New Online Casinos

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Although there are hundreds of gambling sites out there already, new online casinos open up all the time. It may seem that in a market as saturated as the online gambling one, there'd be little motivation for anyone to start a brand new casino, but facts clearly speak to the contrary. A week hardly goes by without another new casino opening its doors.

This page is here to explain everything you should know about new online casinos, starting from the reason why there are new sites popping out all over the place to things to be mindful of when making up your mind about them. By the time you reach the end of this text, you should know everything there is to know about this topic.

Motivation Behind New Casino Sites

Unlike land-based casinos, online gambling sites are available to players regardless of where they may be. So, there are no physical obstacles in terms of distance of having to travel. Like everything else on the internet, all it takes for a player to get started with an online casino is a few clicks of the mouse and some keyboard strokes.

Similarly, online casinos don’t suffer from physical limitations of their brick and mortar counterparts. A solid gambling site can easily host dozens of thousands of players at the same time without any problems. So, in theory, a few dozen online casinos could meet the needs of all players from Canada and the rest of the world. Yet, there are hundreds, if not thousands of them out there, with new ones opening all the time. Why is this so?

Branding & Diversification

For large gambling companies, launching new online casinos is similar to what other major players do in their respective industries. They all have their leading products but that doesn’t stop them from putting new ones on the market all the time.

Major stakeholders in the online gambling industry launch new sites to keep their underlying brand strong. Players are simply more likely to trust a company that has a network of ten different casinos because it sends a message they know what they’re doing and they’re pretty successful at it.

On top of this, there is also the matter of diversification and trying new things. With the online gambling space constantly evolving, it is necessary to keep up the pace and stay on top of players’ demands and expectations. With new online casinos, these established companies can try some new things without changing what already works, i.e. without touching their already thriving gambling businesses.

That’s why you’ll often see really interesting and different designs and imaginative VIP programs at these new casinos. Companies behind them are trying to feel the pulse of the gaming community and see which novelties work and which not so much. Once they find a winning formula, they’ll readily invest some money into marketing their new site, making sure players hear about it.

Young Companies Looking to Seize a Market Share

Of course, not all new online casinos are launched by established stakeholders who have been around for decades. Some of them are started by visionaries who seek to take advantage of opportunities presented by the online gambling sector. Without a doubt, it is a huge market and there is always room for another casino.

But, they need to have a good game-plan if they are to succeed.

Going against online gambling giants is by no means easy and despite the fact there are millions of potential customers out there, they need a very good reason to join a new casino established by a virtually unknown company. Additionally, marketing costs of getting the casino name out there can be quite substantial.

All of these hurdles still don’t prevent people from taking their chances and rolling a dice. Naturally, not all of these new online casinos survive it past the first year, but some of them do make it. Oftentimes, these are places that truly have a vision and ideas on how to make things more interesting and more appealing for the players.

Advantages of New Online Casinos

From a player’s point of view, there are quite a few advantages in signing up with a new online casino. This is especially true for more experienced Canadian players who are likely to have accounts with more established operators. New casinos often offer:

  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • Incentivizing and entertaining VIP schemes
  • Large gaming libraries
  • Dedicated and friendly customer support

In order to succeed and thrive in the market, people behind these new brands do whatever it takes to get players to give them their trust and money. This often plays out to players’ advantage as new casinos go that extra length to make their customers feel truly valued and appreciated.

Bonuses & Promotions at Fresh Casinos

The first great thing about new casinos online are their welcome bonuses and other accompanying promotions. It isn’t all that uncommon to find welcome packages offering no deposit bonuses so players can try the casino. Beyond that, bonuses on the first several deposits can be quite generous and with player-friendly wagering requirements, all of which is really great for the players.

A trend these days is for welcome packages to also include free spins and new casinos can really be great in this department, giving away hundreds of spins on some of the most popular slots. With a bit of luck, these can turn into a substantial boost to players’ bankrolls and there is hardly ever a reason to refuse bonus money in the world of online gambling.

The reason why new online casinos may be more appealing to more experienced players in this particular segment is quite simple. Canadian players new to online gambling can find quite a few well-established casinos with great promotions as well. Those who have been around for a while, though, have probably already used up almost all good welcome bonuses out there, so a fresh gaming site is always welcome.

Finally, as already briefly mentioned, some of these new sites will offer really interesting and different VIP schemes and other things to incentivize players to join and hang around. Players will find engaging loyalty programs with various missions and tasks, employing many “gamification” concepts that have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Beyond these, new casinos often organize various tournaments and reel races, where players can earn additional rewards, i.e. pad their bankrolls and their pockets with more extra cash.

Variety of Gaming Options

One of the things many new casinos adhere to these days is making sure they offer really rich and versatile gaming libraries. Since it is so hard to stand up against well-known and established sites in the market, they try to attract players by offering them something they won’t find anywhere else. And, what better way to do it than to offer an almost limitless selection of games, like:

  • Thousands of video slots
  • Versatile live casino sections
  • Dozens of RNG table games from various suppliers

With some of these new casinos, you’ll find gaming libraries that really make you feel like there is absolutely no need to ever play anywhere else. Whatever slot or table game you feel like playing – they have it. If there is a new title released by one of their partners, they add it almost immediately. And, since most players are primarily concerned about having as many gaming options as possible, this strategy does work wonders for new online gambling sites.

Treating Players Like Royalties

Those who have been around online gambling for a while probably know that players frequently complain about customer support at online casinos and how they are treated by the very place where they decide to spend their money. It can be frustrating at times and it can often be a reason for players to move on, perhaps even more than bad luck or bad results.

People behind new casinos are well aware of this fact and the last thing they want is to alienate their potential players before they even start. That’s why their customer support teams are often very friendly and helpful, trying their best to make players feel truly welcome and in good hands.

While a smart gambler knows this is primarily done out of necessity it doesn’t make it any less valuable. Having dedicated and friendly customer support around whenever you need them can certainly do wonders for your gambling experience and it is another great reason for giving new online casinos a chance.

Risks Connected to New Gambling Sites

It wouldn’t be fair to emphasize just good sides of new online casinos and completely disregard the not-so-pretty side, which certainly exists. Everything that’s been said in previous paragraphs applies to a majority of new online casinos but, sadly, not to all of them.

Like in all industries, especially the ones where money exchanges hands almost seamlessly, there are also those looking to make a quick buck and get out of dodge. For some unsavory characters out there, launching a new online casino seems like a perfect get-rich-quick scheme and, sadly, there were quite a few cases where new casinos stayed in business only for a short while, disappearing into night without a warning, taking a lot of players’ money with it.

But, it’s not just about scammers.

Setting up a new online casino is a demanding process that entails many segments that must come together perfectly for the entire operation to work as intended. Sometimes, despite the best efforts and honest intentions of people behind the operation, things don’t go as planned and sometimes, it’s the players who have to suffer.

For example, a new site can experience certain delays with withdrawals for any number of reasons. Their support team may seem inadequate at times although the real reason is they are understaffed because the casino wasn’t expecting the number of customers they’re having. All of these things are somewhat understandable, as long as the casino is open about them and do their best to fix them. Those looking to make a name for themselves will find solutions, not excuses.

How to Pick a New Online Casino?

So, with so many new sites opening up all the time, how can a player know which ones are genuine and worth trying and which ones should be avoided? Unfortunately, there is no a definitive answer to this, which would protect you at all times, but there are certain things you can look at before making up your mind:

  • Licensing
  • Customer support
  • Terms & Conditions (especially for bonuses)
  • Other players’ reviews and opinions

Checking out a license is a must for a new online casino. Players from Canada should always stick to online casinos licensed by major regulators, like Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Curacao, or Alderney. This is the first sign that it is a serious business endeavor. If the license isn’t clearly displayed or there are any doubts about its ingenuity, it is probably best to steer clear.

Having a short chat with customer support is also a good idea. If they’re friendly and forthcoming, this is usually a good sign. If they’re trying to push hard for a deposit and care about little else, this is usually a red flag. The same applies to terms and conditions, especially in the bonus terms’ section. A fair new casino will make things clear and understandable for the players. Convoluted and hard to understand terms are usually a bad sign.

Finally, unless a casino is completely new, there will be some player comments about their experiences with the site. Check them out and see what others are saying. Too many negative comments, especially about delayed withdrawals or blocking player accounts after big wins, usually indicate the casino belongs to that dreaded “get-rich-quick” group.


Why are there so many new casinos opening all the time?

There are many reasons for new casinos opening online. Sometimes, it is big companies strengthening their brands; sometimes, it’s new companies looking to make their mark in the market.

What are advantages of signing up with a new online casino?

There are quite a few potential advantages of getting involved with a new casino. Some of them include generous welcome bonuses, dedicated customer support, and big gaming libraries, offering a rich and satisfying overall experience.

Are there any risks connected to new online casinos?

Yes, there are. Not all new casinos are safe for the players and caution is always advised on the player’s side.

How can I know if a new casino is safe to play at?

There is a number of factors to look at to help you make up your mind, such as their gaming license, their terms and conditions, and, of course, comments and reviews from other players.

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