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Read the online casino review before signing up to the site, to best prepare to what the casino offers in terms of games, bonuses and more.

Online casinos, even those that seem similar, are never quite the same. Factors that go into an online casino and which players should consider include the software platform, the featured games, the bonus offers, ongoing promotions, payment methods, licenses, and more.

Even those casinos that share a software provider might feature additional games they acquire separately, or be the first to feature new games that come out. In other words, it's best to get to know the online casino before you play for real money, and it's never too early to do so.

The following are no-nonsense reviews of top online casinos for Canadian gaming. Get the info, click straight though and start gaming!

Internet-based Casinos

Online casinos are casinos on the World Wide Web that allow clients to gamble cash on gaming programs that are dictated by luck. The gambling industry was among the earliest key industries in the online realm. This industry has continually evolved at a constant rate, courtesy of emerging innovations. Various vital entities, such as management groups and software companies operate the Internet-based casinos.

With respect to majority of its counterparts, Internet-based casinos possess comparably lax rules and regulations. They are mainly dependent on a particular type of self-imposed regulation; their clients cannot completely trust of getting safeguarded from fraudulent casinos with exclusively sinister and selfish intent.


Despite the lack of thorough rules and regulations, Internet-based gambling remains partially, moderately or wholly banned by different governments. For instance, France and the US typically encounter serious concerns in the aspect of Internet-based gambling. Numerous program vendors and licensing authorities will not allow the online players residing in some places to register their accounts. The legalization of Internet-based gambling has already spawned numerous discussions brought upon by the many intricate factors that must be adequately weighed in.


Initially, the combination of plain HTML code and JavaScript has been applied in making Internet-based casinos. The efficiency and performance of those casinos evolved as more sophisticated computers got introduced. Later on, Internet-based casinos primarily existed as downloadable casino clients. Because of the modern surge in mobile and Web-oriented inventions, HTML5 and Adobe Flash have become the desired platforms for implementing Internet-based gambling.


Web-based casinos typically differ regarding the quantity and kinds of games that they provide their financially capable players. The Internet-based video slot is the game encountered by the greatest number of online gambling clients. Such kind of game has been derived from the video slots situated in physical establishments. A significant number of the offered Internet-based games act as complete replicas of the actual ones. Fixed odds games, roulette and numerous card games are some of the other kinds of accessible gambling games.

Majority of the online casinos acquire their licenses from third parties. Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic, Microgaming and Rival are some of the most famous and most successful software providers in the Internet-based casino industry. The provided selections differ with respect to the level of authorization granted by the Internet-based casinos. Some software providers sell whole product suites. On the other hand, there are several providers that only give the Internet-based casinos the specific games bought from them. In the latter scenario, the casino owners must personally deal with backend acquisition. 


The adaptability of Internet-based casinos has tremendously improved as a consequence of Web-based technological evolution. The more and more prevalent utilization of instant play platforms resulted to the continually improving popularity of Internet-based casinos that utilize multiple software and provide numerous thrilling games through the same online venue. There are numerous Internet-based casinos that grant several betting choices, which are comparable to the techniques employed in live gaming and poker.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos only became significant after the advent of smart mobile phones. A large number of Internet-based casinos have successfully ventured on the conversion of their most successful games to mobile formats. There are even several highly developed Internet-based casinos that are equipped with dedicated mobile pages for players who utilize Smartphone devices. These gaming participants can even reap bonuses that are absent in the typical online versions.

Jackpot Schemes

Numerous Internet-based casinos employ multiple jackpot frameworks. It is quite normal to have the most alluring jackpots exist in progressive gambling games. Internet-based progressive jackpots are highly imitative of the progressive jackpots promised by physical gaming centers. The Internet-based casinos allocate starting values into their respective games’ jackpots. Later on, portions coming from the gambling clients' bets expand the jackpot prize to encourage more bettors.

There are various kinds of jackpot schemes. In most cases, the jackpot only affects an individual game like the case of Mega Moolah by Microgaming. On the other hand, there also exist some jackpots that cover a particular set of games having the same theme as demonstrated by Net Entertainment's Wonders series. It is only very rare to encounter gambling websites that offer jackpots that encompass all the offered games. An example of that rare occurrence is the Jackpot Party Casino of WMS.

Bonus Rewards

Bonus rewards are the most prominent characteristic features of Internet-based casinos. Such rewards dictate the competitive ability of the Internet-based casinos over their rivals. Among all the existing forms of bonus rewards, it can be safely stated that welcome bonuses are the most widely applied ones. Under the welcome bonus scheme, a percentage match originates from the first deposit made by a successfully registered gaming client. A certain client taking a hundred percent match bonus will first play with a bankroll that is double the amount of the deposited value.

Special guidelines govern the implementation of bonuses. Such guidelines and policies have been fundamentally behind the emergence of numerous conflicts between the registered clients and the Internet-based casinos. The guidelines and policies are typically inclusive of rules on wagering or play-through requirements. Such policies and guidelines signify the specific gambling games and the minimum instances of those games that shall be complied with before conducting a successful withdrawal. The other existing guidelines and policies may dictate geographic restrictions and time constraints among other involved factors.  

It is typical for no deposit bonuses to have the most stringent restrictions. Given the fact that the funding for bonus rewards is virtually accessible to all registered gambling players, Internet-based casinos are essentially obliged to employ very stringent authentication processes and highly rigorous management procedures. A very large portion of Internet-based casinos ensure that the wagering requirements entailed by no deposit bonuses are much more challenging than the bonus rewards for match deposits. Internet-based casinos have the inclination of limiting the largest prize, which may be attained as bonus rewards after exceeding the play-through process.

Rules and Guidelines

There have already been a very large number of players who suffered major setbacks because of failure to read and comprehend the rules and guidelines declared by Internet-based casinos. Such may have been induced by the apparently harmless habit of automatically disregarding the policies presented by numerous Internet-derived services. Given this fact, the clients are highly recommended by the Internet-based casinos and their partners to grasp the rules and guidelines governing casino operations. It is essentially impossible for the client to reap favorable results if his or her failure to get adequately acquainted with the publicly available policies resulted to the dispute with an Internet-based casino.

In the absence of a regulating body governing over the activities performed by the Internet-based casinos, these casinos cannot be prevented from incorporating or disregarding whatever they desire within their respective rules and guidelines.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs mainly influence the profitability of Internet-based casinos. Instead of personally operating their marketing endeavors, majority of such casinos reward commissions to private marketers for productively boosting their Internet traffic. A large number of Internet-based casinos pay their affiliates through a portion of their profits. However, there are also some Internet-based casinos that follow a CPA or cost per acquisition structure. Affiliates are typically consulted when there are registered clients that have serious concerns with the Internet-based casinos.

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