The Complete Guide to Online Poker 2023

All about Online Poker: from basic rules to advanced strategies, tips and terminology; in this Poker guide, you'll find a poker game overview, explanations about poker variants, free poker games and the best online casinos for playing real money poker reviewed and ranked by experts.

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Conceptually, casino poker games often confuse new players who have grown accustomed to poker games they see on television or online. In addition, these games require several players, a dealer, and specialised equipment.
Online casino poker games use many of the same winning hands and gameplay mechanics prevalent in the offline poker space. In this case, they appear in RNG (random number generator) casino games where you play against the house without other players.

The house will deal cards to the player and itself in these casino card games. Depending on the game's ruleset, the player must form the most substantial possible hand to beat the house.
This rule makes casino poker a great way to learn, as you do not have any interference from outside players. New players can take their time to learn the pay tables and test various strategies.

A game of Poker is all about getting the correct permutation of cards; the preeminent hand wins the bets placed in the pot. At least two people are required to play the game, and the most basic rule is that cards are kept close to one's self.

In our guide to online casino poker, we will expose you to the history of this particular category of games. In addition, we will look at the pros and cons of playing this type of poker. Part of the learning process is becoming familiar with the jargon used by regular players, which we cover in our glossary of terms.

We have created fantastic segments that deal with online poker rules, tips for being a better player, and several steps to get you started for those looking for more hands-on and practical guidance.
We have included an introduction to nearly forty of the most popular casino poker games online. We name each of these options and give a short description of what makes them unique from one another to assist you in uncovering new and exciting poker games to play.

Once you have the confidence to play for real money, we recommend checking out our selection of recommended online casinos and their poker-friendly welcome bonuses.
Finally, we have compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions to help you zone in on any lingering questions about playing online poker as a digital casino.

Pros & Cons

Easy access to free to play games for learning purposes
The ability to easily switch between versions
The availability of casino bonuses
Calm and measured gambling experience
Not as exciting as the spectacle of online slots
Missing the camaraderie of land-based casinos


People today know Poker only by the popular version called Texas Hold 'em, but the game is rooted deep into history. It started in the 1700s in the heart of Europe, France. Players can also find variations of the game in Chinese and Persian history. In older times, the game was referred to as Poque; developments with time have cultured its name to Poker.

There are two things familiar with almost all gambling games for some reason. First, they were invented inside the European Union, and second, they all reached the United States by settlers from this region. The same is true for Poker, which found its way to US shores thanks to French travelers during the American Civil war of the 1860s. The game became an instant hit, and very quickly, new versions such as Draw & Stud Poker were developed.
The popular version of Texas Hold 'em was developed at the start of the 20th Century in Robstown, Texas. However, the game failed to gain any following for almost fifty long years. Finally, Las Vegas was the place that breathed new life into the game when in the late 60s, a Casino by the name of Golden Nugget introduced Texas Hold 'em. Fast forward two years, and the Inaugural Texas Hold 'em Competition was arranged by Dune Casino; This was the launch pad that the game needed, and since then, it has never looked back.

With popularity growing, the Binion brothers decided to acquire a fading Gambling Fraternity Convention and renovate it into a mega event. Today, that event is the biggest poker event in the world. Almost 50 years back, it was decided that Texas Hold 'em would be the main event. Little did they know that their move was about to create history.
The event was called World Series of Poker, and it was telecasted on a national level; Texas Hold 'em became the ultimate Poker game, and it finally gained global acceptance and recognition once the internet helped to transform its attributes into the virtual world and spread it to billions of poker fans all across the globe.

Popular Terms

Blinds: Compulsory bets have to be put forward by the two players. This rule applies to the players sitting to the left of the dealer. For example, a big blind has to be played by the person sitting two places to the dealer's left. A small blind is played by the person sitting next to the dealer's left.

Bluff: A move exploited by the player by betting on a weak hand, aimed at bluffing the other players and making players with more substantial hands quit the round.

Buy-in: The minimum amount of chips needed to join the game

Community Cards: In Texas Hold 'em, all the players have access to 5 cards dealt face up.

Flop:1st match, in which community cards (3 in total) are dealt face-up.

Flush:5 cards belonging to the identical suit.

Hole Cards: Cards dealt with every participant

Pair: Two matching worth cards, i.e. two Queens or two 2s.

Pot: Potential winnings at stake on a particular hand.

Rake: The bread & butter of the house from Poker. The house takes it in the form of a commission from each pot.

River: The last community card that is dealt

Round of Betting: At the start of each round, the player decides on a move: check, raise, call, or fold.

Royal Flush: The best but scarce hand in Poker. It is composed of a flush with a value of Ace and higher such as Jack, Tens of Spades, King or Queen.

Straight:5 successive cards of any suit, e.g. Ace, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

TripsA combination of Three-of-a-kind, e.g. three 4s or 3 Jacks.

TurnCommunity card ranked fourth in dealing order.


The game prompts when either the dealer or any player shuffles the 52-card standard deck. A big blind, generally the lowest bet, has to be played by the person sitting two places to the dealer's left.

A small blind, usually half of the lowest bet, is played by the person sitting next to the dealer's left. The dealer then deals two cards to all the participants, opening from the person sitting on his left.

The game begins with the player sitting on the left of the player who had played the big blind, and from this point on, it progresses in a clockwise direction. A player has a few options. First, he can increase the pot's value by adding more to it or making a call to match the max wager. If the player's stake reaches the max bet, he can play check. Finally, if his cards are not good, he can opt to fold and quit the game.

The flop comes out: Round two kicks off by the dealer dealing the first three community cards. The fourth community card is dealt with in the next round, followed by the second round of betting. Finally, the river is dealt in the last round, and after making the final wagers, all players reveal their respective cards.

If two players are still left in the game after the river, the dealer will then do a reveal of the five community cards to determine who won. The winning player is the one with the best 5-card hand.

The worth of Hand, from high to low, is listed below.

Royal Flush: Straight Flush must be Ace and higher

Straight Flush: Hand having five successive cards of identical suit.

Four of a Kind: Hand having one odd card and four cards of the same worth

Full House: Hand having two odd cards and three cards of the same worth

Flush: Hand having five unrivaled cards of the identical suit.

StraightFive successive cards from separate suits.

Three of a kind: Hand in which has two odd cards and three cards of the same worth

Two pairs: The hand has one odd card and two pairs of cards of the same value.

PairA Hand that has two cards worth the same value.

High CardIf no participant succeeds in getting a Pair or higher, then the player with the highest card wins; the ranking starts from Ace.


To assist you in becoming a proficient online poker player, we have compiled some of the best tips and strategies for new players. Follow these guides to improve your overall gameplay.

Learn the strongest hands for your game

Recognising if you have a strong or weak hand will help you decide how to move into the rest of the game. Sometimes folding and starting the next game is the best option.

Understand the payouts for each winning hand

Do not always push to hit the biggest hand; winning consistently with lower hands can be a more successful long-term game plan and playing recklessly in hopes of a big pot win.

Learn various strategies

Take the time to learn various betting and gameplay strategies when new to casino poker. This decision will teach you to recognise critical hands and how to calculate the likelihood of pulling others. While they do not guarantee a win, they are an excellent tool for learning poker hands.

Know when to raise the hand

In Caribbean Stud Poker, professional players recommend raising your hand if you have a pair or higher. If you are dealt a weak hand, instead fold.

Understand when win values can fluctuate

Having a winning hand in Cyber Stud Poker is not a guaranteed windfall. If the dealer is not holding an Ace and King, the hand does not qualify, which reduces your payout potential.

Winning one hand is not enough.

Pai Gow is a casino poker game that requires you to make two hands from your cards, and both of your hands need to beat the dealer's hands.

Avoid playing HORSE as a new player.

The poker game HORSE is not one game but a collection of five games played in a fixed rotation. To be good at HORSE, you need to learn the rules for Fixed Limit Hold 'em, Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz (Seven Card Stud Low), Seven Card Stud (High Only), and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo.


It is essential to have a plan for playing the most strategic hands of casino poker possible. Here are tips to help you make the most of each hand you are dealt regardless of the variant you are playing.

Getting Started

Becoming an online casino poker player is simpler than you might think. While moving from playing online slots or other non-card games might seem like a big step, following our simple steps will make it quick and easy.

1 Practice will sharpen your eye.

Being able to pick out strong cards from weaker ones easily is a skill that comes with practice. So use free play games and poker bonuses to practice as much as possible.

2 Join a trusted online casino

By signing up at a reputable online casino, you will access casino poker games with reliable payouts and fair results. In addition, these casinos will also ensure you access guides and help files when needed.

3 Claim an online poker bonus

Before you begin playing for real money, claim a welcome bonus to boost your bankroll and allow you more time to play the game and become familiar with how the hands work.

4 Take your seat at the tables.

With an understanding of the rules and a boosted bankroll, click on the casino poker game you want to play and take your seat at the table. Place your bet and click deal to begin playing the game you have been practising till now.

5 Read your cards and learn from the result.

Take your time reviewing your cards and seeing how they compare to the paytable. Being intentional about this process will help you learn to make calls in the future with a better chance of a positive result.


With the help of our user-friendly glossary of online poker terms, you will have keen insight into exactly how the game works and will be able to follow all the jargon more experienced players use when playing.

Poker Glossary

Poker Types

Here is a look at this extensive list of the most popular casino poker games enjoyed worldwide.

Ante Up 21 Blackjack

This version is an unusual mixed game where you play blackjack but take a poker side bet. This casino poker side bet has its ante and opens the opportunity to win a side bonus of up to C$10,000.


Casino poker games are accessible and enjoyable because they are single-player casino games where wins and losses are predicated upon well-known poker hands.

Live Poker

Live casino poker games are a natural evolution of single-player poker games. These games are played at live dealer casinos, where players pit themselves against live croupiers to make the highest-ranking poker hand win the pot.

Pai Gow

This online version of the Chinese game of Pai Gow requires that you make two hands out of seven cards. Your five-card and two-card hands need to beat the dealer's two hands to win the game. Winning only one hand will result in the round being considered a draw.

Red Dog

Red Dog poker is a simple card game where the dealer places two cards on the table, and the player wagers on whether the third card will fall between the first two in value. Winning payouts are based on spread, where the spread is the number of cards that potentially could fall between the first two.

Texas Hold 'em

This version of Texas Hold 'em is also called casino Hold 'em. The game is played against the casino only without additional players. The player and dealer receive two hole cards and use the community cards to make the most substantial overall hand.

Live Texas Hold 'em

With the introduction of live dealer games, casino Hold 'em received a modern revision. The game follows the same rules as the single-player variant; only now multiple players are at the table. Players may not share their hands or draw new cards.


Based on the Chinese game Niu Niu, Bullfight sees two bet boxes battling out. The Red Bull and Black Bull will each receive five cards, and point-scoring is the same as baccarat, with the winning hand having a point total closest to 9.

3 Card Poker

This casino poker game is played between the dealer and player only. Each receives three cards and bet against each other to stay in the game. Once the wagers are in, the cards turn to reveal who won the round.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This game is also known as Casino Stud poker and follows the same rules as five-card stud poker. However, in this single-player version of the game, you compete against the house, not against other players.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Like the single-player version of the game, players receive five cards with which to compete against a live dealer. You are still competing against the house and other players, while there is the added benefit of side bets and a Royal Flush progressive jackpot.

Cyber Stud Poker

This five-card poker game is played against the dealer and any Wild cards. The aim is to land a Royal Flush, which pays out the game's biggest win of 200 times your bet. More importantly, the dealer's hand must qualify, or your winnings are reduced.

Poker Ride

This casino poker game focuses exclusively on the community cards as no hole cards are dealt. As each new card is revealed, you can call or raise. The game also offers players the chance to take a side bet to win a progressive jackpot.

Hold Em High

This poker is the high stake version of Texas Hold 'em, where the same hand values and gameplay are taken to the next level by increasing the stake level dramatically.

Tequila Poker

This one is another poker game that weaves in blackjack gameplay to create a unique experience. The Tequila Poker bet sees you making the most substantial five-card hand, while the High Tequila bet relies on your combined card points to determine who wins.

Let It Ride

Let It Ride, also known as Let' Em Ride, changes the poker hand formula by having the player make the best five-card poker hand using their three hole cards and only two community cards.

Side Bet City

This poker is a live dealer game where the dealer places cards on the table such that they make 3, 5 and 7 card hands. The player then bets on which of these will lose or can choose a fourth No Win bet option.

Stud Poker

This game is also known as casino stud and is another variant of Five Card Stud poker. The player pits his luck against the dealer to make the best overall five-card hand.

Live Stud Poker

The live dealer version of Casino Stud Poker follows the same rules as the single-player version, where you play against the dealer. In addition, it includes several side bets and the chance to trigger a progressive jackpot.

2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw is a five-card lowball draw poker game. The aim is to make the lowest value five-card hand using the remaining hole and community cards.

2-7 Single Draw

It played in the same manner as 2-7 Triple Draw; the only difference is that players get to discard and redraw their hole cards once.

8-Game Mix

This title is a mixed poker game best left to experienced players as it requires you to be able to play 2-7 Triple Draw, Limit Hold 'em, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better, No-Limit Hold 'em and Pot-Limit Omaha.


Players of card draw poker games will enjoy Badugi. Players get to choose to draw up to four cards, and the strongest hand must contain no duplicates in either rank or suit.

Fast-Fold Poker

Fast-Fold poker, also known as Zoom or Rush poker, is a traditional poker game with one significant change. Folding your hand immediately sees you placed at a new table and dealt a fresh hand to play—no waiting for games to end before jumping back into the action.

Five Card Draw

This game is another casino poker variant based on discarding weak cards. Players receive five hole cards and discard three of them. A winning hand is the best hand made using the two hole cards and five community cards.


HORSE is an interesting if not somewhat confusing poker game where an entire game consists of rounds of Hold 'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo. Each turn around the table will see the game type change to one of these in the order we have listed them.

Irish Poker

This version of casino poker moves from playing like Omaha to Texas Hold 'em. Each round begins with four hole cards, but by the end, two of the four are no longer in play, and you need to make the best five-card hand from the remaining hole card and five community cards.

Open Face Chinese Poker

This variant is one of the most card intensive casino poker games. Players draw 13 cards to create three hands (top, middle and bottom). These hands must rank in value, with the top being the lowest rank, then the middle set and the highest being the backhand.

Pineapple Poker

This poker variant uses the same card hands as Texas Hold 'em poker, but the player receives three hole cards and is allowed to keep the best two while discarding the third.


Rather than strive for the best hand, Razz has players trying to make the lowest value five-card hand from their two hole cards and a community deck of five cards.

Short Deck Hold 'em

In Short Deck Hold 'em, you play without cards 2, 3, 4 and 5, leaving you with a 36 card deck. Players still receive two hole cards and make the most substantial hand using five community cards.

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When it comes to choosing the best casino, it comes down to personal choice. We recommend finding a site that offers you the games you want, the best casino bonuses and has a reputation for fair play.

Yes, they are legal. The casinos we recommend are all licensed and regulated by international gambling authorities, which means the games they offer are also licensed and approved.

Yes, you can play mobile poker games on all current Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

Yes. The casinos we recommend all offer real money casino poker games.

Casino poker games use many of the same hands and card rankings as real-world poker games, but you only play against the casino in this instance.

No, they do not. Betting strategies are helpful learning tools since they focus on specific hands and results. However, experienced players tend not to use them.

Not at all. Casino poker games use up to eight decks of cards per game, and all the Deck reshuffle at the beginning of each hand.

Choosing the best casino poker game is a matter of personal choice. We recommend reading our descriptions of the various games and then playing them for free to see which options best suit you.

No, they are not. All the casinos we list are licensed and regulated by online gambling regulators. These regulators review all casino business practices, including their game results' accuracy.

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