Problem Gambling Prevention Week

Published October 15, 2009

Problem Gambling Prevention Week

Consider the Within Limits Problem Gambling Prevention Week is aimed towards you.

Did you know that there is a national Problem Gambling Prevention Week held annually in Ontario? Called "Within Limits" and sponsored by the Responsible Gaming Council (RGC), it is a joint effort between local organizations across the region. Providing a full calendar of interactive displays, activities, and advertising, it reaches over 3 million households a year!

Starting off with a bi-lingual (French and English) website, the RGC has an interactive, flash based game to help people recognize the triggers and symptoms of problem gamblers. It is aimed towards all age levels with graphics and point and click features.

There is a "community events" calendar that lists exact places, times and dates of the events making it very easily accessible for any person to join in.

Also included online is a treatment center locator, usable by entering in your postal code. In addition, visitors are able to read personal testimonials from people all over Canada and how they received help and why.

Finally, there are download-able brochures in 17 different languages, ranging from Chinese, Farsi, Polish, Russian and Tagalog - meaning everyone can have access and there are no excuses about language barriers.

So it's time to check your blind spot and stay Within Limits and take part in a non-judgmental and informative week aimed at helping people recognize and treat problem gambling. Whether for yourself, your family or friends, it's not an event to be missed!

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