OnAir EntertainmentTM Ushers in a New Era of Live Casino Game Shows

OCR Editor. - October 9, 2023
Game shows by OnAir

OnAir EntertainmentTM stands poised to redefine the iGaming industry, combining entertainment and gaming for a new generation. They aim to craft interactive live casino game shows unlike anything before.

The New Wave: Merging Entertainment and iGaming

The iGaming arena is undergoing a transformative phase driven by the union of entertainment and gaming. Recent advancements in streaming platforms have birthed an engaged audience who watch and actively participate in gaming. This heightened demand for immersive experiences has made live casino game shows especially popular in Europe and the US. Yet, the current market reveals a stark gap – a shortage of providers who can genuinely captivate this burgeoning audience.

OnAir EntertainmentTM rises to this challenge; envisioning casino game shows that aren't passive viewings. Their goal is to push boundaries, offering audiences novel and memorable experiences that outshine anything from the past three years. As live casinos increasingly draw inspiration from hit TV game shows and strive for more captivating gaming encounters, OnAir sees an opportunity. They seek to differentiate themselves in this competitive space with distinct, engaging offerings.

Introducing: Travel FeverTM

OnAir EntertainmentTM has heralded 2024 as the "year of game shows," launching its campaign with the debut of "Travel FeverTM" in November. But this is just the beginning, with more innovative game shows slated for the coming year.

"Travel FeverTM" exemplifies OnAir's dedication to groundbreaking gameplay. The show boasts six integrated bonus games, each sporting a distinctive theme. Players journey through the game, gathering continents and multipliers, with tantalizing prospects of winning substantial prizes.

Armands Zalitis, OnAir's Head of Product Design, emphasizes the company's innovative approach: "Traditional live casino game shows often fall short in maintaining consistent player excitement. Our approach revolutionizes this by weaving the thrill of a bonus round into every game phase. This ensures players are perpetually poised for potential big wins, immersed in unparalleled entertainment and suspense."

A Future Painted by OnAir EntertainmentTM

"Travel FeverTM" is merely the first step in OnAir EntertainmentTM's ambitious journey. The company aspires to set new industry standards for live casino game shows. With a diverse range of themes and mechanics in the pipeline, they promise a smorgasbord of experiences catering to varied player preferences.

OnAir EntertainmentTM warmly beckons operators and gaming enthusiasts worldwide to partner in this exciting venture. Together, they hope to sculpt the upcoming chapters of live casino game shows, shaping a future prosperous in innovation and engagement.

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