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Shane. - November 1, 2022
Photo of David Shon global head of sales at Bigpot Gaming

Join us for a fascinating conversation with David Shon on the whirlwind success of Bigpot Gaming in Asia, their European expansion plans, new game releases and overall development ethos.

We were grateful to get a moment to sit down with David Shon, Global Sale Executive for Bigpot Gaming. We had a few moments to discuss their incredible success in Asia, their plans for expanding into Europe, and the secret to their incredible selection of games and features. 

OnlineCasinoReports: To set the foundation for the rest of the interview, please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about the history of Bigpot Gaming.

Bigpot Gaming: It is an absolute pleasure to introduce Bigpot Gaming to your audience and the industry at large. We were founded in 2019 and are headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

We have had tremendous growth in the Asian market but are poised to make a splash in Europe. We have just begun our journey, but we know we can become even more prominent over time. Our company motto is: “The players beating hearts will become our passion”.

OCR: Despite being a relative newcomer, BP Gaming already boasts an impressive library of 64 world-class casino games, fantastic affiliate relationships and an ardent player fan base. How have you achieved this phenomenal growth in such a short time?

BP: Bigpot Gaming's development staff is excellent. We have built an optimal development pipeline staffed with incredible industry veterans, some of whom have over 20 years of experience in iGaming. Our developers excel at creating engaging games for PC, console, and mobile.

This well-established infrastructure allows us to create excellent games over time consistently. We have combined development capability, years of experience, and passion for creating a successful game studio.

Fortunately, many media affiliates have seen the value of our games and given us a platform to share our passion with players worldwide. I want to give special thanks to OnlineCasinoReports.

OCR: Your current library of casino games focuses heavily on video slots. What was the driving force behind the decision to make them such a strong focus of your development?

BP: Video slots are now considered a traditional online casino game and have been loved by players worldwide for years. In some cases, decades. Plus, the slots are intrinsically great content thanks to their colourful visuals and lovely sound design. When designing a new casino game, we think only of the player experience and keep their wide variety of tastes in mind. We, therefore, created our portfolio with enough choices to cover all their needs.

We still focus on casual games or casino games.

OCR: With your expertise in online slot development, what do you believe it is that keeps players coming back to your games? Are any specific themes or features proving to be popular with your players?

BP: We understand the features and engagement tools that our players love the most. We continually develop and improve these features to appeal to new players and keep our existing players coming back for more. These features include free spins, bonus buy features, and random jackpots.

OCR: We enjoyed playing your casual games. It is an unusual niche for new developers who tend to stick to slots and classic table games. What made you develop games for this specific segment of the market?

BP: Bigpot Gaming is rooted in the Asian market, and Asian players love mobile-friendly games that are quick to play and offer a lot of excitement. We also found that our casual games began to attract more female players, which we are proud of. The success of our early casual games encouraged us to continue to develop simple games with straightforward rules to offer players a more relaxed gaming option.

To shake up the market, we did away with the traditional player versus the casino way of playing casual and table games. We did this by introducing a multiplayer element to these games, allowing a group of players to participate in the same gameplay round while sharing in its rewards.

OCR: Are there plans to develop a special feature or bonus game unique to BP Gaming? Perhaps even one that can be licensed to other providers?

BP: We have several new games and features in development that will shake up the traditional iGaming marketplace. We aim to create simple casino games that are fun and entertaining but come with a twist. We have a casual game that falls under the slots category that will be announced soon. Please stay updated with our game developments to know when it will launch.

OCR: Internally, we love your games' designs and art style. There is a strong pop culture influence, with many titles having a manga, cell-shaded, or graphic novel feel. What drove this creative choice?

BP: We take the time to engage with everyone who interacts with our games. This includes operators, aggregators, and players. We listen and learn what they have to say about what is popular and what they personally enjoy. Bigpot Gaming then creates games highlighting familiar aspects of these pop culture phenomena. This way of thinking drives us to consider new and creative experiences for our players.

OCR: BP Gaming has a strong position in the Asian markets. Now that you have conquered the East, which regions are next on your world expansion tour?

BP: We are already at the starting line for a push into the European market. While we are excited to learn more about the region and engage with experts in the market, our casino games will leave European players with pounding hearts.

OCR: What part do you believe regulation and localisation will play in your success in these new markets?

BP: We believe that regulation is critical as it protects players from the risk of gambling harm. These regulations have helped provide the players with a safe environment while still allowing them to enjoy entertaining casino games.

Bigpot Gaming's primary mission is to provide a brighter side to the iGaming industry. We want to protect our players while allowing them to enjoy the entertainment we provide. This is how we will be successful in any new market we approach.

To localise a game effectively, you must learn the characteristics and colours that appeal to that market. This x-factor has motivated us to uncover each region’s specific preferences and needs. Bringing this to life in our games ensures we receive a favourable response from all new markets.

OCR: To help our readers get the best BP Gaming experience possible, which three games would you recommend they play and why?

BP: We have many fun featured games to show the world. However, since the festival of the dead is near, I suggest OCR readers try our game "Skull Lord". This game holds ‘Wild’ during the feature and can win up to x64000 of the player’s bet in a single spin. Another notable thing about this game is the remarkable effect of the feature.

The second game I would like to recommend is "High Low". This game is a simple but not simple game that finishes 10 seconds after the player’s bet. Predict whether the number of the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card.

Finally, Bigpot Gaming's most beloved casual game, this title is a big hit in Asia. Cute animals start racing in the breathtaking prairie! Guess who will win the next leg of the "Safari Race".

Skull Lord slot logo by BP Gaming   High Low logo by BP Gaming   Safari Race logo by BP Gaming

OCR: Finally, what can your fans look forward to for the remainder of 2022 and early 2023? Do you have any new games or features you would like to tease?

BP: In 2022, Bigpot Gaming has focused on introducing our games to players worldwide. We are incredibly grateful to our media partners like OnlineCasinoReports for positively presenting our games and allowing us to share our passion for iGaming with your audience.

For the rest of 2022, we will focus on promoting our games across Europe so that players in these regions can also enjoy our games. Please stay tuned for our new arrivals; as for the next year, we aim to announce new games each month. We will also attend the most significant industry events in 2023.

We look forward to meeting all the industry’s leaders and learning from their experiences.

In closing:

We loved chatting with David about everything going on at Bigpot Gaming and wish them nothing but success in the future. If you liked what he had to say, we recommend trying out the games he recommended and stayed tuned for more news on this fantastic company.

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