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Admin. - December 21, 2012
iGaming on Mobile Devices

Goodbye Flat Batts... Mobile Phone technology just got better.

Suffice to say our entire worlds are being powered by our phones these days: business, personal and social communications, commerce and entertainment, including mobile gambling. As things stand, the only blip which needs ironing out is the battery life of these devices, as we users know all too well. A battery black-out in the middle of a mobile poker game can be critical. 

Charge Your Phone On The Move

So it may not surprise you to hear that the problem is underhand and a new solution has already been piloted.  It's a whole new, wireless method for charging your mobile phone called Qi (pronounced Chee) and Toyota have just announced that their new Avalon Sedan will fitted with it in 2013. Other American automobile manufacturers have also shown interest in the Qi package. Not long now and the times of flat phone batteries will be behind us. (We advise you charge your phone in your car, rather than play in your car. Keep your eye on the road etc.)

What is more there are already 34 different phone models on the market which are already compatible with Qi, including the LG Google Nexus 4, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC Windows Phone 8X. 

The Science Bit

Qi is a wireless technology that transfers energy across magnetic fields. The user docks their phone on a wireless mat to charge their battery. Qi was developed by an Israeli firm, who are already fitting the charging mats inl Starbucks outlets across the US. The only drawback, and there always is one, is that Qi-compatible phones may be thicker than their non-Qi counterparts. But as we've seen, most new phone models start out that way, and improve and evolve over time.

The Future Is Mobile

There is no way around it: the future is mobile. More and more, we manage our lives through a portable handset. So if you've not yet tried out mobile gambling, now is the time. Red Flush Mobile, William Hill Mobile and Platinum Play Mobile Gaming are all recommended service providers. To read more about what they offer, read our comprehensive Mobile Gaming Reviews.



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