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Admin. - August 1, 2012
London City

London Olympics Specials.

“Olympics 2012” feature on top of the list of sports markets at online sportsbooks, as well it should. The 2012 London Olympic Games are the biggest sporting news of the summer, and a tremendous sports betting opportunity.

The list of markets runs long on William Hill Sports. Each day are new markets – new competitions, qualifiers and finals, sorted by gender, weight classes, and of course sports. Odds for specific matches, overall winners, number of medals (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and many other categories – all will keep you busy, fascinated with the opportunities that these Games bring along.

You do not need to be an expert of Olympic freestyle swimming or the 800m run competition. But don’t rush to bet on sports markets you are familiar with, if the odds are poor or the result a given. William Hill Sports and other sportsbooks give you a greater breakdown than you could ever imagine, including (for basketball): top scorers, the margin at the end of each quarter, and the end result, of course, too. So if you think you know the USA Men’s Basketball Team will win the next match against Nigeria, you might have a hunch that the US Team will start slow, in which case a bet on the first quarter margin might be your niche.

In other words, opportunities are plenty. But they run only until August 12!

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