Gambling Ads are Ontario Gambling Authority's Biggest Challenge

Admin. - June 27, 2022
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Gambling ads are Ontario's biggest challenge, and the RGC is implementing boundaries as they navigate this new online market.

New gambling operators are entering the Ontario market regularly, causing an influx of advertising and marketing. This issue is currently the most significant challenge that Ontario's gambling Authority faces.

Ahead of The Gaming Canadian Summit, held from the 7th to the 9th of June 2022, Shelley White (CEO - Responsible Gambling Council) spoke out about the challenges the RGC face and how they can improve safer gambling.

Invasive and Aggressive Advertising

Research shows that aggressive and prolific advertising can impact the youth and those struggling with gambling. The RGC has learned from mature markets (such as the UK and Australia) about the adverse effects of prolific gambling advertising.

Shelley White said:

“As everyone navigates this new market, the boundaries are being established and learned.

Ontario has put protocols in place to try and minimise the invasiveness of gambling advertising and marketing by restricting inducements and prohibiting bonuses in broad public advertising. Putting policies in place like "whistle to whistle bans" will also prohibit ads from running during certain times of day and restrict advertisements that target the vulnerable in the population.

iGaming & Sports Betting - New Territories for Ontario

The RGC has worked closely with Ontario's key stakeholders to develop robust iGaming and sports betting standards. Compared to casinos, bingo and lotteries, iGaming and sports betting have unique characteristics, and the RGC had to implement RG standards and standards specifically tailored for these two industries.

Practices such as RG checks and implementing a Responsible Internet Gambling Strategy focused on harm prevention and expanded treatment services are recommended to navigate this new market.

Canada – A World of New Opportunities

This is the theme of this year's gaming Canadian summit, held this year at the MTCC. Gaming in Canada has been a challenge over the past two years. This year's Summit focused on bringing the industry together by offering an impressive mix of expertise, products and the opportunity to network.

White went on to add: 

"Ontario's new regulated online market is sure to be a hot topic, with the changing Canadian gambling landscape, there will be much to discuss, debate and learn."

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Summit. It brings together the best of the industry to discuss and encourage those attending to find new ways to innovate and advance responsible gambling.

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