Crypto Gambling's First-Ever NFT Slot Machine is Live

OCR Editor. - June 26, 2022
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Crypto Gambling presents the metaverse’s first-ever NFT slot machine! Lucky Degens offers free play, free spins, private games, $LUCKY token airdrops, and a chance to win daily NFT prizes!

Crypto betting has undoubtedly altered the casino floor of the future, and consumers will be thrilled that their digital transformation needs are finally being met. Online operator Lucky Crypto offers gamblers the chance to win one or more NFTs on their newly launched NFT slot machine - a first-ever of its kind in the metaverse.

The Lucky Crypto Embassy

The NFT collection is aptly named "Lucky Degens" and is launching in two varieties: the Jungle Animal Collection and the OG Collections. As an owner of Lucky Degen NFTs, you can tap into a wide range of benefits and numerous special offers. Lucky Degens is part of a long-term vision of Crypto Gambling. It forms part of The Lucky Crypto Embassy created in Dencetraland, one of the many decentralised virtual reality platforms in the metaverse. 

Free Play, Cashback, Private Tournaments &  More

Players stand to win one or more NFTs daily and the opportunity to be eligible for the $LUCKY token airdrop that you can use as a payment method on the Lucky Crypto website and other metaverse casinos.

Currently, the slot machine is free to play up to 10 times per day and up to 50 times if you are a Lucky Degen NFT owner. In addition, both collections include exclusive VIP access, which provides benefits like private games and tournaments, free spins, and 25% cashback, to name a few.

What To Look Forward To

The OG Collection, including a free monthly airdrop of Jungle Animal Collection NFTs, will launch on the 24th of June 2022. The release of the Jungle Animal Collection is planned for July 2022, with new Jungle Animal NFTs to be released monthly until January 2023.

Lucky Crypto has been buying plots throughout the metaverse to cater to a new generation of tech-savvy customers and improve loyalty and retention. They use immersive gaming experiences in a virtual-reality space, allowing users to interact with a computer-generated environment and others.

A Future-Forward Approach to Crypto Gambling

NFTs are revolutionising how you can make money in the gambling industry, and Crypto Gambling will fulfil its long-term vision to bring a series of casinos into the metaverse. To expand your online casino gaming experience, join the growing future-forward movement, and take advantage of a chance to win NFTs on the metaverse's first-ever slot machine.

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