Youth Gambling International

Youth Gambling International

Youth Gambling International is a program designed to educate the public about the unique issues faced by youths with gambling problems.

Gambling is great entertainment, but it is really meant for adults, who have the experience and judgment to make good decisions. When kids get into gambling, there are usually problems. Youth Gambling International, based at McGill University in Montreal, is a unique program that both studies and combats the problems arising from youth gambling.

At Youth Gambling's website, you'll find information about gambling and problem gambling and how to prevent kids from getting into gambling or other risk-taking behaviours. In addition, you can learn how to get treatment for gambling problems and see results of recent research in the field.

Problems come in many shapes and sizes, and no one is truly immune. Good entertainment, as gambling should be, can get out of hand, and when it does, even the best of us need help.

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