Responsible Gambling Council

Responsible Gambling Council

The Responsible Gambling Council provides Canadians with information and resources to prevent problem gambling from developing into a serious addiction.

With the rising popularity of gambling in Canada, there is also a rising incidence of problem gambling. Problem gambling is defined as excessive gambling, or gambling that negatively impacts other areas of the player's life.

The Responsible Gambling Council, based in Toronto, is one of several organisations that exists to help Canadians avoid the trap of problem gaming. The RGC website provides detailed information for people interested in learning more: the signs of problem gambling, where to look for help, and how to gamble safely.

The RGC does not restrict its activities to Toronto or southern Ontario. It is a nationwide organisation, established in 1983 to help compulsive gamblers. In 2001, the organisation shifted its focus to prevention of problem gambling through increasing awareness of the issue and providing resources before problems arise.

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