Canada's watchdog authority on gambling issues in the province of Quebec.

Loto-Québec's primary mission is to assure the effective operation of gambling games. The organization was created in 1969 to provide for a public lottery system. Since then however, Loto-Quebec has dramatically diversified its mandate over multiple gambling activities - as determined by the Government of Canada.

Loto-Quebec operates four casinos, a public lottery, related restaurant, hotel and leisure services and a VLN (video lottery network). Among others, Loto- Québec also controls two large gaming halls and multiple bingo-related activities. Other activities entrusted to Loto- Québec include multimedia exports to a global market and it holds a financial stake in Casino Développement Europe - the third largest casino operator in France.

As a socially responsible organization, Loto-Québec returns the profits of its commercial activities to the Government and to all of Québec's citizens. It is committed to combating excessive/irresponsible gaming practices and promoting only healthy gaming conduct. Loto-Québec exercises its commitment to society by sponsoring numerous social events throughout the province of Quebec.

Loto- Québec's core values include: integrity, socially responsible behavior, innovation, exceptional customer service and respect for employees. All of this is conducted while battling compulsive gambling, maintaining high levels of transfers to public coffers and decreasing the social costs of gambling games, among others.

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