Getting Started in Online Gambling

Getting Started in Online Gambling

Playing online casinos from Canada is fun and easy, but it can seem intimidating to the first-time player. Our simple guide will lead you through your essential first steps.

Step one: finding a casino
This may sound too obvious for words, but this is the first step. You'll need to find a good online casino to play. Your best bet is to check out the online casinos section of our site.

Online casinos, poker rooms, bingo and sports betting sites are listed and reviewed on these pages. You can read the casinos' terms and conditions, as well as checking their payment requirements. Every casino on our site accepts Canadian dollars, handles payments to and from Canadian banks and doesn't have too many wager requirements on withdrawals.

Step two: downloading software
Most online casinos require players to download a software package before starting the games. This may sound intimidating but it's really not. The software packages are usually not too large, and will save you time when you're playing; with the games on your computer, everything will run much more smoothly.

That said, the procedure is quick and easy. Just click the download link on the casino's home page; it's easy to find, since every casino posts it prominently. You'll be prompted to save the file, and to choose a location. Since you're downloading an executable, it's convenient to save it to the desktop.

Step three: install your new casino software
You just downloaded the casino's software package as an .exe file, so now it's time to run it. Simply click it, and let the Windows Wizard do its work. You'll be prompted to select a location for the files and to select a desktop shortcut. Simply choose the default options, and wait a few minutes; the software will install, and, when it's done, launch automatically.

Step four: opening a casino account
When the software opens, you'll be asked to set up a casino account. Online casinos offer two account types: real money, and guest accounts. Each account has equal access to the games, and both are good if you want to have some fun in the casino. Both require some basic personal information, primarily your name and email address. The difference is in the banking.

In a guest account, the 'bank' is a formality. The dollar amount in a guest account is just a way to keep score on the games; you never make an actual deposit, never give the casino your bank information, and no funds are ever transferred.

A real money account is the opposite. When you select this option, you'll be shifted to a secure server and prompted for some additional information: postal address, bank information, and identity verification. After you enter everything, you'll receive yet another prompt, this time to go to the cashier and make a deposit. Have you noticed all the prompts? To help keep your financial transactions safe, no online casino will start an automatic deposit process; you have to actively choose the option every time.

Step five: get to the games!
Now that you've downloaded the software, opened an account, and made your first deposit, it's time to start playing. From the casino lobby, you can choose the games you want to play. Make sure to read the rules and pay-tables for every game, so that you know what you're getting into, and most importantly, have fun!

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