Online Slots

Online Slots

Slots machines, they are simple, you put a coin in, pull the handle and wait for your destiny to unfold before your eyes.

If you are playing online, you don’t get the pleasure of pulling the handle, you just click on the button. Slots is a popular game of chance, made more popular by the internet.


Unlike most casino games, the Slots have their history rooted in the United States of America. They were first introduced in San Francisco by a guy name Charles Fey, right before the start of the 20th century. Back then it was called the Liberty Bell, the machine had a picture of a splintered liberty bell, along with 3 reels that spun. Each reel had the symbol, hearts, spades and diamonds painted on them. The first slot machine is still present in Reno, Nevada as a tribute to the rich legacy of the game.

The Slots became an instant hit and in less than a decade competition began to emerge. One such competitor was Herbart Mills; he developed the idea of adding symbols of fruits such as lemons, plums & cherries on the playing reels. Mills and Fey are two people whose ideas are used even today.

The advancement in technology helped the game of slots to reach new heights as well. In the year 1963, ‘Money Honey’, a fully electronic slot machine was developed by Bally. Then in 1974, ‘Fortune Coin’, the world’s first video slot game was invented by Walt Freely. This was the point from where slot machines ventured into the virtual world and today they are played by millions of people, all across the globe  

Slot machines become very popular towards the end of the 20th century with the United States, Australia and UK leading the line. The outbreak of online casinos ensured that the slots became available throughout the globe and as a result it has now become one the most famous gambling game. Everyday new and improved versions of the game are being developed such as the 3D slots game or the version which allows a staggering 243 possible winning permutations. Technology, without any doubt has raised the level of the game.


When playing slots, you will need to know what the following terms means in order to play the game.

Bet: Amount at stake.

Bonus Feature:  There are countless Bonus features, but the good ones are Free Spins and Wilds.

Free Spins: A new aspect of the online game in which the player get around 15 to 20 free spins in a single game.

Gamble Feature: A high risk, high reward bonus round in which the player can either lose everything or doubling, tripling or even quadrupling his winnings.

Jackpot: The ultimate winning on any particular slot.

Max Bet: The highest quantity of coins in a single turn.

Payline: The payline is where the symbols need to line up either diagonally or straight across the reel, for the player to win. Paylines depends on which version of the game you are playing, there can be hundred payline or just five.

Progressive Jackpot: A Jackpot that begins from a least jackpot and rises until a player hits it.

Reels: The revolving drums on which symbols have been placed since the first slot machine was created. The aim of the game is to match the symbols on the revolving drums.

Scatters: When a player win, even without lining up the symbols. This play is usually followed by a bonus stage.

Wilds: A bonus symbol that acts as an alternate to every other symbol. It helps to complete a winning permutation.

Winning combinations:  The number of ways a player can win. Online casinos have slot games that generally have hundreds of winning combinations, some even have thousands.


The simplest rule is to match the symbols on the paylines. The fun doesn’t stop there, because in the new versions of the game, features such as bonus rounds, scatters and wild makes is possible to have literally hundreds of ways of winning. It is also advisable to go through the bonus features of a fresh slot.

Every slot is unique, so you must know the type of slot you are playing at. Thanks to technology there are countless possible combinations, however generally the following are present in all casinos.

3-reel slots: Based on the original version of the game, it has a maximum of 5 payline.

5-reel slots: A product of the new era, these slots includes new features including bonus stages, scatter and wilds.

Multiline slots: These are the high risk-high rewards slot machines having paylines in excess of 25. The payout is high, but so is the risk.

Progressive slots: Same in appearance to normal slots, in progressive slots the jackpot keeps increasing to the point where it gets stuck. In the modern game, as high as four concurrent jackpots can be played. In a bonus round, all four of them can be hit.


Unlike all other casino games, Slots is purely a game of luck. The numbers are random. It’s a chance based game. There are not enough ways in which this can be emphasized. Having said that however, there are ways in which the game can be played in such a way where it can be both enjoyable and profitable.

There are many versions slots, so before starting chose one which in as per your style and within your budget. Get information about the payout ratio, the max and min bets and jackpots. After collecting all this information decide which game will you play: opt for low risk games if you have a low bank roll, if not than you can go for the high end games. There are games designed to suit the taste of the people such as slots based on bond movies. 

If you have decided to make a career by playing slots then you need to take a few things into account. Research the casinos and find out which ones suit you best. Get information about the ones that have the best promotions and are best suited to your style. The OCR site is an excellent source to get good information on all the top online casinos that have slot machines.


  • Slots is a game of chance, never forget that. Over the years it has provided with people with rich entertainment and has made quite a few people wealthy as well, but all of it has been by chance and not by skills.
  • The claim a progressive jackpot you have to wager the maximum sum on the slots. If you don’t do this, you are not eligible to claim the progressive jackpot.
  • The internet has paved way for literally countless versions of the game, from multi jackpots to 3D slots, your choices are endless. Surf the web to find out something which excites you and is as per your taste.

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