Online Poker

Online Poker

A game of Poker is all getting the correct permutation of cards; the preeminent hand wins the bets placed in the pot. At least two people are required to play the game and the most basic rule is that cards are kept close to one’s self.

Poker can also be played online and another version is offered in the form of video poker machines.


People today know poker only by the popular version called Texas Hold’em, but the game is rooted deep into history. It started off in the 1700s in the heart of Europe, France. Variations of the game can also be found in Chinese as well as Persian history. In older times, the game was referred to as Poque, developments over the course of time has cultured its name to Poker.

For some reason, there are two things common with almost all gambling games. One is that they were invented inside the European Union and secondly they all reached the United States by settlers from this region. The same is true for Poker, which found its way to US shores thanks to French travelers during the time of the American Civil war of 1860s. The game became an instant hit and very quickly new versions such as Draw & Stud Poker were developed.

The popular version of Texas Hold’em was developed in the start of the 20th Century in the city of Robstown, Texas. For almost fifty long years, the game failed to gain any following. Las Vegas was the place that breathe new life in to the game, when in the late 60s a Casino by the name of Golden Nugger introduced Texas Hold’em. Fast forward two years and the Inaugural Texas Hold’em Competition was arranged by Dune Casino. This was the launch pad that the game needed and since then it has never looked back.   

With popularity growing, the Binion brothers decided to acquire a fading Gambling Fraternity Convention and renovate it into a mega event. Today, that event is the biggest Poker event in the world. Almost 50 years back, it was decided that Texas Hold’em would be the main event. Little did they know that their move was about to create history.

The event was called World Series of Poker and it was telecasted on national level, Texas Hold’em became the ultimate Poker game and it finally gained global acceptance and recognition, once the internet helped to transform its attributes into the virtual world and spread it to billions of poker fans all across the globe.


Blinds: Compulsory bets which have to be put forward by the 2 players. This rule applies on the players sitting to the left of the dealer. A big blind has to be played by the person sitting two places to the left of the dealer. A small blind is played by the person sitting next to the dealer’s left.

Bluff: A move exploited by the player by betting on a weak hand, it is aimed at bluffing the other players and making players with stronger hand, quit the round.

Buy-in: The minimum amount of chips needed to join the game

Community Cards: In Texas Hold’em, all the players have access to 05 cards that are dealt face up. 

Flop: 1st match, in which community cards (03 in total) are dealt face-up.

Flush:  05 cards belonging to the identical suit.

Hole Cards: 02cards dealt to every participant

Pair: Two matching worth cards, i.e. two Queens or two 2s.

Pot: Potential winnings at stake on a particular hand.

Rake: The bread & butter of the house from poker. The house takes it in the form of commission from each pot

River: The last community card that is dealt

Round of Betting: At the start of each round, the player decides on a move: check, raise, call, or fold.

Royal Flush: The best but very rare hand in poker. It is composed of a flush with a value of Ace and higher such as Jack, Tens of Spades, King or Queen.

Straight:  05 successive cards of any suit, e.g. Ace, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Trips: A combination of Three-of-a-king, e.g. three 4s or 03 Jacks.

Turn: Community card ranked fourth in dealing order.


The game prompts when either the dealer or any player shuffles the 52-card standard deck. A big blind, generally the lowest bet has to be played by the person sitting two places to the left of the dealer. A small blind, usually half of the lowest bet is played by the person sitting next to the dealer’s left. The dealer then deals 02 cards to all the participants, opening from the person sitting on his left.

The game begins from the player sitting on the left of the player who had played the big blind, and from this point on, it progresses is a clockwise direction. A player has a few options he can increase the pot’s value by adding more to it or he can make a call to match the max wager. If the wager of the player matches the max bet then he can simply play check. If his cards are not good he can opt to fold and quit the game.

The flop comes out: Round two kicks off by the dealer dealing the first three community cards. The fourth community card is dealt in the next round, which is also followed by the second round of betting. The river is dealt in the last round, and after making the final wagers, all players reveal their respective cards.

If 02 players are still left in the game after the river, the dealer will then do reveal of the 05 community cards to determine who won. The winning player is the one with the best 05-card hand.

Worth of Hand, from high to low is listed below

Royal Flush: Straight Flush, must be Ace and higher

Straight Flush: Hand having 05 successive cards of identical suit.

Four of a Kind:  Hand having 01 odd card and 04 cards of same worth

Full House: Hand having 02 odd card and 03 cards of same worth

Flush: Hand having 05 unrivaled cards of the identical suit.

Straight: Five successive cards from separate suits.

Three of a kind: Hand in which has 02 odd cards and 03 cards of same worth

Two pair:  Hand in which has one odd card and 02 pairs of cards of same worth.

Pair: A Hand that has two cards worth the same value.

High Card: If no participant succeeds to get a Pair or higher, then the player with the highest card wins, the ranking starts from Ace.


The game of Texas Hold’em requires its players to have a keen sense of observation and a sharp mind. Players need to take calculated risk, understand the moves made by opponents and counter them. However, as an amateur the knowledge of two things is a must. When to hole and when to fold.

According to the laws of probability it’s very difficult to win if hole cards are less than 10 in values and are also from different suits. If one of the two cards is worth ten or more, then chances of winning are improved. After this comes the players only calculation of what the cards are worth and if is ok to put some more it or call it quits.


  • Poker is based on probability which means that circumstances will defer each time. The most important tactics in Poker is, knowing when to play and when to fold.
  • As bankers would say don’t throw good money after bad money. Same is the case here, admit defeat and leave the game, instead of trying to beat the odds
  • Always remember that the biggest challenge in Poker is keeping concentration and focus, lose that and you are as good as beaten. Learn to keep your head clear and don’t let emotions take the better of you.

Every card has a purpose; every card plays a vital role. Learn to use community cards wisely, use them for your own advantage or observe them and anticipate the hand which your opponent has built up.

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