Online Craps

Online Craps

As far as a game with two dice is concerned, Craps is easily right at the top. Fun for all and a colorful game by nature the game, it is literally worth an hour of fun. Ironically the losing throw of the game is called craps.


Craps has an elusive history. As per one tale, it was conceived by Sir William of Tyre who envisioned his troops to find it as a pleasant distraction in times of the crusades. Another account describes the game played by the Roman Army on blankets, using the knuckles of pigs and shields to play, which also gave rise to the famous term: roll the bones.

The contemporary game of craps, entered the United States in the state ofLouisiana, via a well off French aristocrat called Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. With time, the game managed to successfully integrate itself into the new society.

It was the time of the Second World War when street Craps started to gain recognition. It was played by the Army on blankets. Stories like this makes one wonder that may be the legends of the Romans and the Crusaders were actually true.

Casino Craps developed during the same era, thanks to a man named John H. Winn.

The Casino edition of the game also gained its reputation during this time. One Mr. John H. Winn, managed to devise some inventive changes in the Craps, such as ‘Right Bet’, ‘Don’t Pass Bets” ‘Wrong Bet’ and permitting players to place bets on the shooter or against the shooter.

Keeping up with the tradition of the United States, Craps rise to fame began in Nevada, as it was the first state to recognize the potential of gambling and decided to legalize it. The real spike of the internet also caused a significant growth of online gaming which assisted in taking it to the next level. Craps could not replicate the online success that was enjoyed by Poker & Blackjack; however this is solely due to the fact that the game is interactive by its nature and it needs that environment to succeed. The development of social networking is sure to help craps fulfill its online potential.


Craps has an elusive past and the dialect of the game fully reflects their heritage. The numbers all have their own appellations, so much so that a few are specific to the casinos that they are played in. Someessential terms are described below

Aces: A bet that the subsequent throw will have a value of two.

Any Craps: A bet that the subsequent throw will have a value of 2, 12 or 3

Any Seven: A bet that the subsequent throw will have a value of seven.

Boxcars: A bet that the subsequent throw will have a value of 12.

C & E: A bet that the subsequent throw will have a value of 11 or 12,3,2 (craps).

Come Out Roll: Opening throw in any wager game, which fasten the position for Don’t Pass Line bets and Pass bets.

Don’t Come Bet: Wager that seven will be rolled ahead of the point being established once more.

Don’t Pass Bet: Wager that shooter will not make the point instead will play 7 or craps

Easy Way: When the throw results in 6,10,8 or 4 and when they are different on both dice well. 

Field Bet: Bet on 10, 2, 9, 4, 11, 12 or 3.

Hardway: A bet that before rolling 7 or easy way 6, 4, 10, 8 will be rolled as a brace (6/6)

Hi-Lo: A bet on the subsequent throw being either the lowest value (2) or the highest value (12).

Natural: Come Out Roll of 11 or 7.

Odds Bet: A bet other than the Pass Line bet.

Off: A bet that in barred for the next throw.

On: A bet that in legal for the next throw.

Place Bet: A bet that a precise digit (e.g. 4 or 11) will be played ahead of a 7 being rolled.

Pass Line Bet: Bet on pass line on a Come out throw.

Point: Digit rolled by the Come Out throw.


The play begins when the shooter puts down a minimum three wagers on any one of the two bets i.e. Don’t Pass line or the Pass line. The dice are rolled and they must hit the wall for the numbers to be counted. This rule is so important that it is even recreated in the online versions of Craps. Players then take turns in a clockwise direction.

Each game or play has 02 parts to it: Come out & Point. The play opens with the come out roll. It is a “Craps out” is if the result of the roll is 12,3 or 2 and it means that all players lose on Pass line bets. If the play is an 11 or 7, it is called a natural and it means that all players have won the pass line bets. All other number played are called point, at the point the game moves on to round two. If the shooter plays a ‘seven-out’ i.e. hit the point twice in a row, without rolling on a 7 then all players lose their respective bets and a new game starts.

The playing table of craps is segregated into 03 areas. In the middle area all the offered bets are placed, these are bets on a single roll and have a huge House advantage. Pass bets, Don’t Pass bets, Come and Don’t Come bets Odds bets, and Place bets are placed on the two side areas.


By no means, is Craps an easy game, numerous scenearios can develop and a myriad of strategies exists that can be played, keeping in mind any particular scenario. Therefore, it is suggested that amateurs begin with a limited amount of money and also place small size bets.

The craps the most uncomplicated bet is the pass line bet. After playing this bet, a player might win based on a natural or if the shooter manages to play point without playing the 7. Or he can simply lose by a crap out

An accepted fundamental tactic for amateurs is to pursue the following strategy of Pass Line bet with a sequence of Come Line wagers, as per the below procedure

  1. The player plays a Pass Line bet;
  2. The dice are played by the shooter
  3. Play a wager with single or double stakes;
  4. Play Come Line bet.
  5. The dice are played by the shooter
  6. Steps 3-4 are done over
  7. The dice are played by the shooter


  • The game is tailor made on house advantage; the pass line bet gives it a 1.41% preference over other players. The bets that have a higher payout ratio, also have a higher advantage to the house.
  • By no means, is Craps an easy game, so it is advisable to try out the online version which is availing for free on numerous casino website. This helps to develop an understating of the game, with the benefit of not losing your money.
  • Start small, low risk bets are the way to go for all amateurs of the game. After a while when you develop an understanding of the game, then you can opt for the high paying wagers.
  • Due to the interactive nature of the game, craps is a great way to meet new people and friends. However one must always remember that in the end they are playing for themselves and the result of others does not mean anything to you. The opponent is the house.


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