Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

The name of the game is blackjack, the aim-to get a hand of 21 or its closet value. The other rule is that the hand of the players should not be less in value than the dealer’s hand and simultaneously is should not be greater than 21.


Blackjack has its roots stepped deep into history. In ancient France, a card game by the name of Vingtetun is believed to be model on which Blackjack was initially developed. It was introduced to the world when migrants from Europe came to America. Over the course of this history Blackjack has been transformed by taking inspiration from various versions of card games that were played in ancient Egypt, China, and Rome.   

Vingtetun in simple English means 21, so it is quite understandable how Blackjack got its name in the beginning. However, today the game we play is much different from the game that was played in its early days. It even safe to say that the rules of the game have completely changed and we have been left only with the name. For instance, historically blackjack meant that a player has either a jack of spades or a jack of clubs. So if the player had a blackjack and an Ace of Spades in his hand then the bonus payout ratio was 10:1

Blackjack first burst on the scene was aided by the State of Nevada’s decision to legalize gambling during the period of the Depression. It was a step taken by the government to earn additional revenues, however in a short period of time the game spread to all Casinos in Las Vegas, and soon become a regular attraction in all parts of the United States.

What started out as French game became a part of the American casino family and it has not become a global game. The rise of Blackjack has been supported by the expansion of the internet and as such newer versions of the game such as Live Casino Blackjack, as well as mobile & online versions have been developed. The rules of the game are same; the fun just keeps getting bigger & better.


It not uncommon for something to embrace the culture of another and the same can be said for Blackjack. Although it was a French game to begin with, but slowly & gradually its terminology has adopted to the American style. 

Blackjack: A hand made of any card such as the Queen, King or Jack which is worth 10, as well as an Ace

Bust: A losing hand represented by a players having cards worth above 21.

Double Down: When a players agrees to quit after receiving an additional card by doubling-up his first wager.

Hit: When a player asks the dealer for an additional card.

Holecard: The second card doled out by the dealer. It is generally not turned until a decision has been by the players. The Holecard is generally drawn with its head down.

Insurance: In case an ace is held by the dealer, players have an option to opt for “insurance” prior to the dealer disclosing the hole card. This acts as a cover for loss on the actual wager and confirms the payout at 2:1.

Push: When the game is tied.

Soft: When an Ace having a worth of 11 is present in the player’s hand.

Split: If two cards have the exact same worth then players have the option to divide their cards into two hands. Both these hands can then be played at the same time and the dealer will deal card to the pair of hands.

Stand:  When additional cards are not wanted by the player.

Surrender: If at any point in time the player wants to quit the game he has the option to surrender and leave the game with half of his original wager. However, this practice is not followed in all casinos.

Upcard: The card facing up in the dealer’s hand.


The aim of the game is to get a hand of 21 or its closest value. Anything above that and you lose. The players are up against the dealer and the first person to get to that magical figure of 21 wins. All deck cards are taken at par, whereas Aces can be either 11 or 1. The Queen, King & Jack are all worth at 10.

The game starts when all players have placed their bets. After that, the dealer deals out two cards to every player including himself. However, the second card of the dealer is the Holecard and it is only revealed once all players have made their decisions. The players may choose to stop accepting more cards or request for more cards. They can double their wager or split their hand. This goes on until the dealer either gets cards valuing over 17 or till he reaches the figure of 21.

In Blackjack, the player can either, win, lose or have a tie with the dealer. In the advent of a tie, the player is given his money back. The best payout is received when a player has a Blackjack hand, when the first hand has an ace worth 10. The payout in this case is generally over the odds at approximately 3:2.


Like most card games, Blackjack is a game of tactics and advanced mathematics. There are various combinations and permutations that can occur within a game and people with high degree of concentration usually fare well in this game. The focus should be on the dealer’s hand, some player can even count how many cards of which deck have been dealt, which puts them in a better position to make a decision in the latter stages of the game.

Players, new to the game of Blackjack have to learn a few basic things before moving on to more advanced strategies. Knowing when to accept more cards and when to stop taking more cards is the most fundamental skill of the game. Knowing when to double your wager and when to split the hand is another important aspect of the game.

As stated earlier it’s all about probability. Know your numbers, have a keen sense of observation and you thrive. Lose focus or be harried and you will end up losing. As a simple rule of thumb if you have a hand valuing higher than 17 stop accepting more cards, anything between 5-16 and you are in a position to accept more cards. The game starts to become more intricate when doubling and splitting are also taken into consideration. Throughout the game, never lose focus of the dealer and his hand.


These techniques mentioned below will help you to develop as a crafty Blackjack player:

  • Be aware of the odds at stakes, whether you are playing online or in a casino. Rules of the game don’t change, but some casinos tend to offer a lower payout of 6:5 for hitting a blackjack as opposed to the regular 3:2 payout ratio. Be sure to check on such odds before starting a game.
  • Ever heard the phrase, practice makes perfect? Well, it’s true in this case. There are numerous demo versions available on Online Casinos where players can get all the practice they want. So before starting on the actual game, make sure you clock in some good practice hours.
  • As with all card games, composure is the key. Experts of the game always advice to never play the game fuelled with emotion or when not in control of your own senses. The drawbacks in these scenarios are grave and losing all your money is just one of them. Being calm and composed enables you to think straight and judge the game properly.
  • Understanding of the game is very important not just from a gaming point of view, but from a cultural point of view as well. Watch films such as Rain Man, and 21 which explains the math’s involved in the game. Watch Hangover as well, though it is not a movie that teaches the game, it is good for entertainment.
  • Ignorance is a virtue in this case. Concentrate and focus on your own game, the success and failures of others can only be a learning point, what really matter is the dealing between you and the dealer. This is applicable for online as well real live version of the game.
  • In Blackjack the advantage is held by the house, however it is possible for players to make a profit as well. It is essential to appreciate thisfact.

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