Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game, in which the rules of winning are quite simple. The player whose cards are worth nine or nearest to it wins.


The game is said to be have been created on European shores, way back in the 10th century. Its birth place is rumored to be Italy, whereas further development took place in France in the 14th century. From there is traveled to the American continent, where it was eventually given its current form that we all see before us today.

In Italian the word “Baccarat” is referred to as zero. The game was originally designed with the rule that all Kings, Queens, Jacks & Tens are equal to the value of zero. Since the creation of the game, this rule has remained constant.

The game was played by the Royal Families of France. Back then, it was known as Chemin de Fer, however it ended with the French revolution. The game that was transferred from Europe to the rest of the world was actually an English version called Punto Banco.

Europe has a reputation for producing goods that can last forever and the same can be said for every card and table game which came from these shores. However, the great depression played a big part in their survival as well. Because gambling became legal in the US, games such as Punto Banco gained huge popularity in the post depression era. However, in early days it remained restricted to the elite of the American society.

Thanks to Internet, like many other things, gambling also became available to the masses and as a result Baccarat became popular all around the United States. At present, every casino online has the Mini Baccarat version which follows the standard American rules also used in casinos of Las Vegas and casinos of Atlantic City.


As with most card games, Baccarat also reflects its Italian and French roots by having a lot of the words used in the game derived from those languages, whereas other words reflects its successful integration into the American culture

Baccarat: In actual terms, this denotes that the entire worth of a player’s hand is 0. Not something you would want while playing the game.

Banker: It is one of the 3 likely moves in the game, betting on the hand of the dealer or the banker. The payout is this scenario minus the commission is 1:1. It is sometimes also referred to as Banco.

Coup: One game or round of baccarat, which includes the hands of the player and the banker’s.

Dealer: The croupier or the dealer of the cards in the game.

Mini Baccarat:  A popular online version of the game. The difference is that the limits are lesser and all cards are drawn by dealer.

Natural: When the initial 2 cards of the player, have a total worth of either eight or nine.

Player: It is one of the 3 likely moves in the game, betting on the hand of the player. The payout is this scenario is 1:1. In the setting an advantage of over 1% is in favor of the house. This move is also referred to as the punto.

Run: A simultaneous bet that a player can gamble on the other party winning successive hands.

Standoff:  When the dealer has the same cards as the player.

Tie: A wager on a standoff between banker and the player. This move is seldom used because it has a 15% house advantage; however the payout is very lucrative at 8:1.


The game can house a total of 14 players and is played with as many as eight decks of cards. The King, Queen, Jack & 10 cards are worth 0, Ace is worth 1, whereas the rest of the cards are worth their face value.

Every round or “coup” starts with each player taking a wager on who will get the hand worth the most value. The wager is taken on the player, the banker or a tie. The banker and each player are then dealt two cards. In Baccarat the hand cannot go beyond 9, so if a player has cards that exceed this total, then just the second digit is taken into account when calculating the total hand. Also additional cards are not dealt when the total is 8 or 9.

Although in Baccarat a banker is present, the dealer “shoe”, as in Craps and Poker revolves clockwise around the playing table. However, there is difference here that in case the hand is won by the banker, then the deal shoe cannot move.

The rules are only slightly changed in Mini Baccarat, in terms of how cards are dealt. The actual rules are the same; however odds differ slightly than the fuller version of the game. In this version the dealer deals with a six-deck shoe and all playing cards are turned over.


Baccarat is a simple game, so there is not much to go by in terms of strategy. A player has two choices either wagering on the Banker's hand or on the player’s hand. Keep in mind that when the game starts the payout stakes for both the bank and the player is at 1:1; however the bank charges a 5% commission.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the money that you are putting in to the game. Be fully aware of your finances and be sure to set up a maximum limit and ensure that you stick with it. The beauty of the game is that, players have a high probability of winning but due to the house advantage rule there is an even higher risk of losing money.

Trust the French to come up with up something difficult. For people wanting more flavors in the game then can opt for the French versions of the game called Baccarat Banque & Chemin de Fer. There are limited options to the game online as well, and if you happen to be in the streets of Europe, you might find a few casinos offering Baccarat Banque & Chemin de Fer.


  • Practice, practice & practice like any card game, this is a game of maths and the more you work at it. The better your game will get.
  • Be smart with your money and don’t take the major risk of wagering on a Tie. The wager might have a high payout, but the chancing of the player wining are very slim in this scenario
  • The version readily available in online casinos is called Mini Baccarat. However, for enthusiast there is much more detailed French version available as well. Keep in mind that Baccarat gained its reputation for its unfussiness and ease, so for people wanting a more challenging game, the classic game of Blackjack or poker might be a better option
  • No matter where you play, the house will have the same degree of advantage, however if you are lucky you can find a few online casinos that are willing to give a lucrative pay out. Be on the lookout for these casinos and make the most of your money.
  • Want to have fun? Know what your financial limits are. Set them and stick to them. The game can be settled in possibly two ways, so as long as you know what you are willing to play with, you can end up having the time of your life, and at the same time walk off with a good payout as well.

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