Live Slots

Live Slots

Live slots give you a chance to better enjoy your gaming experience, chatting up the host, talking to other players, and celebrating your big wins with others.

Best Live Slots Casinos

Slots are easily the most popular casino game in existence. Equally attractive to high rollers and casual players, these games embody everything that’s gambling all about – excitement, entertainment, and winning possibilities.

Be that as it may, there is one thing that slots do miss, and that’s the social element. Playing a slot, whether online or in an actual casino, is usually a solitary experience. It’s you against the machine, which can become lonely at times. If you get this feeling now and again, you’re going to love the live slots concept.

In recent years, many popular casino games have received their online live dealer reincarnations. There are live blackjack and roulette tables everywhere you look, and game developers have even come up with solutions for more complicated games like craps.

But, for all of these, there is a well-known live format that was simply reproduced to a virtual environment. Live slots are a completely new idea that only exists in an online realm, and you’ll only find these games at a few select casinos.

Live Slots in a Nutshell

The main allure of playing slots is the possibility of winning big on any individual spin. When that eventually happens, you get excited, but there is usually no one to share your excitement with. Winning still feels good, of course, but not as good as if there were others around to participate in your celebrations.

Live slots have solved this problem in a very imaginative and entertaining way, providing players with a sense of community, allowing many players to play the same game simultaneously and experience the thrill of it.

Like with other live games, there is a live host, whose main job is to keep the game going and entertain the audience. They’ll pick a particular slot to play and they’ll do all the spinning. You will see every spin on the big screen, so if a big win rolls in, you won’t miss out on it.

Players get to choose their own bet size for each spin. Some will bet big, others will make small wagers and enjoy the experience. Just as if you were playing on your own, you can pick the stake that you’re comfortable with and you’re not forced to up your bet size just because you’re playing live slots.

Every time there is a winning spin, everyone gets paid according to their bet size and the win multiplier. The win is immediately added to your bankroll so you’re free to leave whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to wait for the session to end or play a certain number of spins.

Live Slots vs. Regular Slots

Live slots are a really interesting concept that not everyone likes. Some players prefer to enjoy their gaming sessions in peace and with no pressure. Also, many slots’ fans love to switch between different games often, which isn’t possible when playing live slots. You’ll be stuck with a certain game for a while.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to improve your experience and are more interested in the fun element of gambling, these games might be right up your alley.

First of all, live slots’ hosts are there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. They’ll happily answer players’ questions and come up with different conversation topics. So, if you’re looking for some interaction, these live rooms provide plenty of it.

When a crazy win eventually happens (as it tends to on slots, sooner or later), everyone involved will get to celebrate it. It’s not just you – there might be dozens or even hundreds of people playing at the same time, and if the game produces a crazy 1,000x+ win, all of them will be thrilled about it.

If the slot is “cold” and produces one empty spin after another, at least there is someone to complain about it to. Other players will certainly feel the pain and, while it may not help change the outcome of the game, a bit of complaining is a standard part of gambling, online or otherwise. And it feels much more natural if there’s someone to talk to instead of addressing your frustrations to a machine or a computer algorithm.

If you’re still not sold out on the idea, simply check out some online casinos that offer these types of games and try it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, there are countless “regular” slots to fall back on just a few clicks away.

Where to Play Live Slots

Live slots still aren’t as popular as other live casino games. They’re still in what you’d call an “experimental” phase, as operators try to figure out if this is something players enjoy and if it’s worth having on offer.

So, finding live slot games may take a little while. You should start by checking some of the top online casinos with strong live dealer sections, as they’re the most likely ones to have these games in their repertoire.

It also seems that these live slots don’t run around the clock like other games, so you might only find them during specific times. This isn’t most convenient, but, again, it might change once they become a part of the standard offering.

For the time being, providers also seem to prefer simpler games that don’t have many complex features. It probably makes sense from the organizational point of view, but if you enjoy games with crazy bonuses that can really go off, you might not be thrilled by what’s currently available in the live slots’ department.

The good news is, you don’t have to pay any money beforehand. You can check out the game that’s being played, see how you like it, and only then decide if it’s worth putting your money on. If that’s not the case, you can simply move on.

Live Slots FAQs

What’s the point of playing live slots?

Live slots add a human element to your gaming experience, allowing you to interact with the host and other players while playing. Also, you get to share the joy of your big wins with others.

Where can I find these live slots games?

Live slots aren’t as popular as other casino games so there aren’t as many casinos offering them as of yet. Still, you can find these games at a fair number of top operators, at least during certain hours of the day.

Are live slots also available on mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, you can play live slots using your handheld devices and while on the go. The experience may not be the same due to smaller screens, but there is nothing preventing you from trying it out.

Are live slots only available for high-stakes players?

No, just like with regular slots, you’re free to pick your stake. You should always play with bets that you’re comfortable with, live games or otherwise.

How am I paid when I win at live slots?

When the game produces a win, you’re paid according to your bet size. If you’re wagering $0.20 a spin and there is a 100x win on the screen, you’ll get $20. Wins are paid to your balance immediately so you can leave at all times.

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