Live Craps

Live Craps

Live craps games at online casino provide the same level of excitement you’d experience when playing this popular game in an actual brick-and-mortar casino.

Best Live Craps Casinos

Nobody can deny the fact that the game of craps is the most exciting, most fast-packed classic casino game. When you walk into a land-based casino and see a crowd of cheering players, they are probably playing craps.

Even though the game of craps is extremely entertaining, highly-energetic, and super fun, many people are intimidated by its great selection of betting options and sometimes confusing rules. If you also think the game is too confusing, the good news is that it’s not.

Once you familiarize yourself with its rules, everything falls into place and you are ready to take your shot at a craps table online. A craps table is loaded with what is seems an endless collection of bets and the pace at which the game plays at land-based casinos may be too fast for beginners.

This is why we always recommend you take your shot at playing online craps or even its super entertaining live dealer format that all of the best online casinos that feature live dealer games offer.

The Origin of Craps

Centuries before online and live dealer variants of the game came about, the game of craps was enjoyed by many different civilizations across the globe. While there are many different theories out there regarding the origin of craps, the most accepted theory is that the game was heavily inspired and influenced by the game of Hazard that also plays with two dice.

Then, there are other historians who believe the game was inspired by the Al Dar Arabic game that found its way to European soil sometime in the twelfth century.

Even though there are these two and several other theories regarding the history of the most exciting casino game, the theory we mentioned first is still most commonly accepted. According to this theory, craps was invented by William of Tyre who was a chronicler and prelate back in 1125. He was inspired by the English game of Hazard that became extremely popular and widely played in France in the seventeenth century.

Since the game only required two dice, it could be played in basically any setting. Fast forward to the nineteenth century, the game found its way to the United States or more specifically to New Orleans thanks to Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. This version of the game had a flaw that players used to exploit gambling halls and casinos.

This was before the modern version of the game was invented and this flaw was corrected by John H. Winn who simply added the don’t pass option. Following the blossoming of casinos in Las Vegas in 1931, the game becomes even more popular and today we have limitless opportunities to play both standard online and exciting live craps games that feature nice payouts, loads of excitement, and endless entertainment.

Live Dealer Craps Games

As mentioned in the previous section, the game of craps has a long, rich history. Back in the day when it was solely played in brick and mortar casinos, it was the favorite game of high rollers. Today, the game caters to everyone regardless of their budget. Thanks to the advent of the internet, the game found its way into the hearts of online casino fans of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to live dealer craps games, you do not have to leave the coziness of your home to enjoy the most thrilling gaming sessions but the action comes to you, streamed in real-time. What is even more, you can enjoy live craps games at reputable online casinos while on the move as the vast majority of these games are optimized to support mobile gaming.

This is one of the major appeals of live craps games but there are many others. One of these is being offered generous bonuses and promotions, which you can’t really expect when playing the game at land-based casinos.

When compared to electronic online craps games, live dealer craps is played with actual human dealers so there is that social factor as well. Other equipment used in live dealer craps games is also real including the dice and the actual felt.

How to Play Live Craps?

Even though the game may look very intimidating and confusing with all of those betting options you have, it is quite simple once you get a hold of its rules. To get started with playing live craps games, you need to learn the rules and know all of those different betting options.

There are always two phases involved when playing the game including the Come Out Roll and the following Point phase.

As suggested, the Come Out Roll is the beginning part of every craps gaming session. In other words, this is the first roll of the craps dice. Once completed, the number rolled appears on the screen. You win if a seven or an eleven is rolled. If a two, three, or twelve is rolled you unfortunately lose. If any other number is rolled, the Point is established, and you roll the dice again, hoping to get the same sum as the established Point. This leads us to craps betting options and there are many.

Live Craps Betting Options

Initial bets you place in live craps games are multi-roll bets and every gaming session you begin requires that you place a minimum bet on either the Don’t Pass and Pass lines. Once the initial or the Come Out Roll is done, Pass Line bets win if a seven or an eleven is rolled. If a two, three, or twelve is rolled, Don’t Pass bets win, and Pass bets lose.

If any other number is rolled, it establishes the Point and if this number is rolled, Don’t Pass line bets lose, and Pass line bets win even money. Pass line bets lose and Don’t Pass wagers win if a seven is rolled. Besides Pass and Don’t Pass bets, there are many other craps betting options:

  • Come Bets: Same as Pass bets following the Come Out Roll
  • Don’t Come Bets: Placing bets on a two, three, or twelve being rolled
  • Fields Bets: Placing bets on a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve
  • Place Bets: Placing bets on four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten
  • Hardways: Placing bets on a four, six, eight, or ten
  • Any Craps: Placing bets on a two, three, or twelve
  • Any Seven: Placing bets on a seven
  • 6:8: Placing bets on a big eight or a big six

Once you learn the basic rules alongside these betting options, you can get started with live dealer craps at any renowned online casino that offers live dealer casino games. No matter your bankroll, the game of craps is extremely fun and entertaining with some great payouts.

Live Craps FAQ

What are the most popular live dealer craps bets?

The most popular bets in live craps are Don’t Pass and Pass line bets as well as place 8 and 6 bets that come with a payout of 7 to 6.

Can I play live dealer craps games for free?

No, live dealer craps, as well as other live dealer games, cannot be played for free but you can learn the ropes with electronic craps games, refine your winning strategy, and move onto live craps.

Which craps bets have the best winning odds?

The two most popular craps bets, the Don’t Pass line and the Pass line bets, come with the best odds with a favorable house edge of around 1.41%.

Are live dealer craps games only for high rollers?

Even though many players think live dealer casino games are only for high rollers, the truth is these games can be played by anyone, even those with tight budgets, as craps tables feature a wide range of stakes and tons of different betting options.

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