High Limit Video Poker

Finding high limit video poker games is a breeze!

Video poker games are consistent when it comes to being the most popular strategy-based game when it comes to traditional casinos as well as in online casinos. In this game, the players aim to create the best 5 hard card using their own strategies, fundamental skills, and brain power. Standard video poker games enable both casual players and low rollers to have fun in these games.

Due to the numerous benefits that high limit video poker offers to players, it gives delight to its enthusiasts. Such delight-inducing incentives include greater and exclusive rewards, larger payouts, and VIP treatment. But still, players should consider the pros and cons in playing high limit video pokers. They should also manage their bankroll properly. High limit video pokers also boasts for its greater pay tables accompanied by more fascinating incentives to players.

Additionally, a good strategy to use in video poker is to know your number of losses and wins per hour. This will help you in determining your prospective bankroll with such great accuracy through the use of a formula. In order to calculate your prospective bankroll, determine your mean bet size and your number of bets every hour, and then multiply them together. The resulting figure should be multiplied to your house edge. The result is your expected loss of cash per hour throughout your gameplay in a high limit video poker, or even in a low limit video poker.

To show you an example, if you play one hundred hands per hour with each bet costing 100 dollars, and your house edge in Jacks or Better was determined to be 0.5 percent, multiply them altogether. The calculation will look like: (100)($100)(0.5%) = $50. These 50 dollars is your expected loss per hour. Always remember that in playing high limit video poker, proper management of your bankroll is a must.

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