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Simple casino guides to help you expand your gambling repertoire. Put your new skills into practice with our free games or have a go on our classic arcade games just for fun.

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

The name of the game is blackjack, the aim-to get a hand of 21 or its closet value. The other rule is that the hand of the players should not be less in value than the dealer’s hand and simultaneously is should not be greater than 21.

Online Roulette

Online Roulette

In English it is called a small wheel; in French it is called Roulette, across the globe it is the most popular casino game of all time.

Online Slots

Online Slots

Slots machines, they are simple, you put a coin in, pull the handle and wait for your destiny to unfold before your eyes.

Online Craps

Online Craps

As far as a game with two dice is concerned, Craps is easily right at the top. Fun for all and a colorful game by nature the game, it is literally worth an hour of fun. Ironically the losing throw of the game is called craps.

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Initially it was made as a casino game and it was the first game to be computerized. With the growth of the internet it was successfully broken in to the digital world. The game is built around a slot machine and 05-card draw poker.

Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game, in which the rules of winning are quite simple. The player whose cards are worth nine or nearest to it wins.

Online Poker

Online Poker

A game of Poker is all getting the correct permutation of cards; the preeminent hand wins the bets placed in the pot. At least two people are required to play the game and the most basic rule is that cards are kept close to one’s self.

Free Online Roulette

Free Online Roulette

Hone your skills at European, French and American roulette- for free! Free online roulette helps you learn the rules of the game, the terminology and table layout.

Free Online Slots

Free Online Slots

Free online slots games are a great way to have fun and play slots, risk-free! Slots is considered the most popular casino game of all time, so why not take a stab and play the latest online slots games today!

Free Online Craps

Free Online Craps

Hone your skills and test your luck by playing craps online for free! Bet on the outcome of the rolls and the dice in one of the most popular casino games of all time!

Over the centuries, people around the world have found many different ways to gamble. It is no secret that we find a way to bet on just about anything, but there is something about casino games that make betting money a lot more interesting. Unlike sports betting or bingo where our actions don’t influence the outcome, every casino game is dependent on our actions one way or another.

Online casinos have brought casino games into our homes and made it that much easier to play for real money. Canadian players may have found it difficult to find a live casino to play at but with online casinos they can now do it any time and any place they choose.

The other fantastic thing that online casinos bring to the table is the fact that they can offer any number of casino games they choose. This is why many online casino sites in Canada offer dozens of different game types and up to thousands of different unique games at a time. On this page, you can discover what the most popular games are and choose the one you want to make your next bet at.

Casino Game Types

Casinos have been around for some time now and over the years they have managed to come up with quite a few ways for people to wager their money. Online casinos are specific in that they can offer practically all the casino games out there in a single place. If you are new to the world of online casinos, you will probably want to know what type of casino games are on offer. There are several basic categories of games to take into account:

- Slot machines

- Card games

- Roulette

- Dice games

- Video poker

- Instant win games

- Skill games

Every type of game listed here actually offers many variations, but a similar basic gameplay mechanic. So, let’s have a more extensive look at each of them.

Slot Machines

Slots are easily the most popular online casino games, with literally thousands of different titles out there. Casino software developers like NetEnt, Play’n GO, IGT and others pride themselves in constantly supplying online casinos with brand new games, which is why the market has now become so saturated with various slot games.

With such a massive choice, there is little reason to play games that are anything short of fantastic. During the last few years, we have really seen some games hit the market that not only offer a fantastic return on investment but also provide a great deal of entertainment and excitement to the players.

For those who haven’t played slots before, they are electronic games in which a particular number of symbols is dealt out onto the screen by the random number generator on every spin. Should those symbols appear in the right sequence on the screen, various payouts are made in accordance with the game’s paytable.

Every slot game is different, and modern slots have really gone a long way from those good old classic slots that only offered a few paylines and no special features. In fact, some of the games released in the last few games look more like computer games you would play for pure fun that they look like slots and this is one of the reasons they have become so popular.

If you are looking to start playing slots or you are an existing slots player looking for some new challenges, we recommend you join one of our top online casinos and choose among thousands of video slot games available there.

Card Games

Cards were among the first accessories used in live casinos to play games like poker and blackjack. Today, online casinos offer dozens of different card games and while many of them may have some similar elements, they are all unique in their own way.

Poker games are the biggest group of card games that one should pay attention to. Online casinos offer many different variations of casino poker games such as Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em and Oasis Poker. All of these games share the same hand rankings and other basic elements of poker, while each offering a twist of its own.

Blackjack is another massively popular card game that started out in the live casinos and is now offered at every online casino out there. Thanks to the innovative thinking of casino software developers, online casino players nowadays can enjoy various types of blackjack games with different rules.

If you prefer more of an Asian vibe to your casino gameplay, choosing any variation of Baccarat, Punto Banco or Dragon Tiger will give you just that. While the game is spread around the world, it is very popular among Asian players and is easy to fall in love with due to its simplicity and extremely fast play.


Even though it is a single game in essence, we have to look at it as a separate game category. For starters, roulette is the only game played with the ball and wheel. Furthermore, there are enough versions of roulette offered in online casinos nowadays that one could make a casino with nothing but roulette games on offer and it would still be appealing to many players.

What started out as a single game many years ago evolved into a whole series of spin-off games. Today, online casinos offer games like European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Multi Ball Roulette and many others, including the special themed variations that add flavor to fans of various TV shows, characters etc.

Roulette games that you can play in online casinos are also among the least expensive ones, as European Roulette gives back 97.3% of all money invested back to the players and some other versions like French Roulette can be even more player friendly.

Not only is roulette quite lucrative to play, but it is also extremely entertaining. Unlike games like baccarat where there are very few different possible bets, there are many different ways one can arrange the bets in roulette to always keep things interesting and new.

Dice Games

When you think of dice, you probably think of a live setting more than you do of an online casino, but this does not mean that dice games are not offered by online operators as well. In fact, one of the most popular dice games, Craps, is offered at all solid online casinos, especially those that don’t just focus on slots.

Dice games like Craps and Sic Bo can be very fun to play in an online surrounding even though some of the fun of standing at the big table and throwing the dice is stripped away. Nevertheless, players who enjoy playing these games in live casinos will certainly love playing them online as well and newcomers may just be surprised by what they discover.

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the first electronic casino games that were invented. Before video slots were a thing, casinos offered only classic slots and video poker machines in terms of electronic options. Since video poker always had a fantastic RTP percentage, players around the world used to love spending hours playing poker against the machine.

Today, video poker’s popularity has significantly declined, even though it remains one of the best games to play in terms of profitability. Online casinos now offer dozens of different variations of video poker such as Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces etc.

Whichever version of video poker you choose to play, the one thing that is guaranteed is a very high return on your bets. In fact, many video poker machines give back more than 99% of all bets made while some even go as far as to give players over 100% of all bets made assuming correct strategy is always used.

If you are a kind of player who likes to apply some strategy and think about the game you are playing, than video poker is probably the best game you could possible play. While video poker machines may not look as appealing as video slots, they are usually a lot more profitable.

Instant Win Games

Quite the opposite of games like video poker or blackjack where strategy is a crucial element in determining how much you win or lose, instant win games are completely random and no player can gain or lose any edge.

Instant win games include scratch cards and other similar games like Heads or Tails. In these games, the outcome is determined by the random number generator and nothing you can do will make you any more or less profitable.

While this may not sound so appealing to the hard core gamers out there, the more relaxed and easygoing players actually seem to enjoy these games very much. Since there is no strategy involved, there is nothing you can do wrong and thus you cannot cost yourself any extra money by playing bad.

One thing worth remembering is that instant win games often come with pretty low RTPs, so don’t expect that winning in these will come by easy.

Skill Games

Skill games in terms of casinos are basically an invention of the online casino industry. These games combine elements of popular skill games played on computers or gaming consoles with elements of luck. In order to win in these, you will need to play pretty good, but luck may still end up costing you the win in the end.

Players who enjoy playing games away from casinos and are into arcade games will especially love skill games in online casinos, as they provide an extra challenge and a way to use your motoric skills and your reflexes to increase your chances of winning.

Play Live Casino Games Online

Live casino games have become an absolute hit among Canadian casino players in the recent years. Combining elements of brick and mortar casino gaming and online casino play, these games bring out the best of both worlds.

Top online casinos out there now offer players a chance to play games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and others with real dealers via a live webcam feed. This way, the player gets to experience the atmosphere of the real casino, interact with the dealer and see what other players are betting on, while still not having to leave his home.

Live casino games offer the same gameplay options as their virtual counterparts but are usually somewhat slower and a bit more expensive to play. Still, for players who enjoy playing in the live environment but don’t have the time to do it, playing live casino games online can be an ideal solution.


What kind of online casino games can I play?

There are many different type of games offered in online casinos including slots, card games and roulette, the choice is yours.

What is the most profitable game?

While all casino games give the casino a slight edge, video poker and blackjack are usually your best bet, assuming you play the correct strategy.

Can I play any game I want?

While some restrictions may apply at times based on country of residence, Canadian online casino players can usually play all games on offer.

How can I win big?

The best way to score a really big win in an online casino is to hit a progressive slot jackpot, which can be done by playing numerous video slot games.

How do I choose my game?

Thankfully, you can play all the games for free in online casinos, so sign up with an online casino and play for free until you find the game you want to wager real money on.

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