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OCR Editor. - November 18, 2009
Jackpot Hit

Timing is everything when it comes to hitting the big jackpot at All Jackpots Casino.

Clever punters not only pick their game well but they also pick their moment. Nowhere is this more evident than in slots, when jackpots take time to build up and then some lucky punter is due a windfall.

Help is at Hand
Now, a useful new tool has been developed that makes picking the moment that bit simpler. No longer do you have to have your eye across a multitude of games, checking out how the jackpots are building and guessing when to try your luck.

How it Works
All Jackpots Casino have introduced "Temperature Gauge" - a handy tool that displays whether particular slots games are hot or not, depending on when they last paid out. Those that paid out recently are not likely to do so for a while so they are considered to be "cool", the longer the time span since the last payout, the 'hotter' the jackpot is.

Temperature Gauge lists each slots game, along with the jackpot due and an indication of how hot the jackpot is. Punters are encouraged to chase the hottest slots as these are the ones most likely to hit soon.

Try it Out!
This is a great new tool from All Jackpots online casino that is bound to tempt a bettor or two and, who knows, it could be the cause of some lucky punter's next big win!

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