Discover Innovative, New, and Funky Games at Noble Casino

Published June 19, 2013

Discover Innovative, New, and Funky Games at Noble Casino

Noble Casino brings a brilliant range of online casino games that allow you to experience innovative productions.

Given the enormous number of online casinos available today, it would be tempting to think that they are all pretty much identical.  However, some have an edge. And one of them is Noble Casino, which in addition to offering a brilliant range of regular online casino games also allows you to experience some excellent innovative productions.

For a start, if you’re a blackjack fan but you’re looking for something a little bit different, then check out Red Dog. Instead of building a poker hand, you will be dealt two initial cards and then be asked to place a bet on whether a third card will have a value between your two original cards. The table, which is displayed with excellent, sharp clear graphics, shows you the spread of odds, depending on your first two cards.  As a result, it’s simple to see what your chances of winning might be, allowing you to make a sensible decision.

Another great option at Noble Casino, if you’re looking for something different is a superb combination of blackjack and poker, otherwise known as Tequilla Poker.  You will be dealt an initial four cards and then you have a serious decision to make.  You can either play a straightforward poker hand, building a winning combination of cards to beat the dealer.  Or, you can receive an extra two cards and play blackjack against the dealer, where the aim is to reach a points total as close to 52 as possible.  All you need to do is to work out your best chances of winning and decide which game to play.  Then you can sit back, play the game of your choice and if you’re lucky you will cash in on an excellent Tequilla Poker money prize.

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