Canadian Online Gambling is a National Past-time

Published August 8, 2013

Canadian Online Gambling is a National Past-time

Canadians have a rich and old gambling culture that unlike their US neighbors is free for all provinces.

There is little more than an imaginary line separating the US from the great Northern country of Canada.  There are many things that can be said about the second largest land mass in the world: it's cold, the scenery is unlike anywhere else in the world, people are friendly, and so on and so on.  

Aside from the natural beauty and other incredibly positive aspects that sums up the Canadian Nation, Canadians also have a gambling culture that unlike the US, is accepting of online gambling as a form of entertainment.  Three provinces stand out from the rest as British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec have actually created their own Internet Poker, Casino and other provincial run online gambling sites.  

The province housing the national capital of Ottawa is also getting in on the game with the largest population in Canada trying to create online gambling platforms as well.  

Big Business

The gambling market in Canada is huge and accounts for $16 billion annually! Yes, that is billion and not million. While the US sees gambling as a bad word and still associates it with organized crime, problem gamblers, and other negative aspects, a quick log in into some of the first-rate online casinos like All Slots or Euro Grand Online Casinos will have everything you need to win big. 


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